Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 1

real haunted places Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 1

Chicago is home to a spine-tingling collection of real haunted places and spooky ghosts. If you believe in that kind of stuff. Read on.

real haunted 1 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 1

The Iroqouis Theater and Death Alley

24 W Randolph St.

Chicago, IL 60601

(312) 902-1400

In 1903 the Iroqouis Theater, which is now known as the Ford Theater, caught fire and killed everyone who was inside. According to people who live by the area, there is a narrow passageway behind the Theater named “death alley,” where people have had strange ghostly encounters. Some even say they hear faint cries as they travel down this deserted alleyway.

real haunted 22 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 1

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

143rd St. and Midlothian Tpke

Midlothian, IL 60445

This abandoned cemetery is named one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world. Located near Central Avenue (west of Cicero) and Midlothian Turnpike, The Rubio Woods Forest Preserve is the only way to access this “troubled” area. Several people have encountered a strange blue light seen roaming around in the cemetery, streaks of red light, and a bizarre mist. Others have had more of a strange encounter with the cemetery. While driving past in the night, they claim to see a parked car alongside the cemetery, and the car always seems to vanish, as the unsuspecting witnesses get close.

pemberton hall 150x1501 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 1

Pemberton Hall at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston

1521 4th Street

Charleston, IL 61920

(217) 581-2578

In Pemberton Hall, many claim to have ghostly encounters, and some say they still hear a faint sound of a piano lingering in the hallway of the dorm. Legend has it that on a bitter cold night, one of the women residents went to the fourth floor of the dorm hall to play the piano, because she had trouble falling asleep. As she played the piano she was attacked by the janitor and left for dead. She managed to crawl her way to her counselor’s door after the attack, but ended up dying at her door. After the incident, many claim to have heard her ghosts throughout the rooms.

jahull Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 1

Jane Addam’s Hull House

800 S. Halsted

Chicago, IL

(312) 413-5353

The Hull House was established in 1889 by Jane Addams and Ellen Gates as an education center for European Immigrants.  The two took over the House after Mr. and Mrs. Hull passed away. It is said that Mrs. Hull, who passed away from natural causes has been making her presence known in the house since her death. Guests have heard footsteps in the night and heard noises that were described as, “strange and unearthly.” Other guests have reported seeing ghosts standing next to their beds in the middle of the night. The Hull house is located at 800 S. Halstead Street, and is currently open to the public.

real haunted 3 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 1

Rosehill Cemetery

5800 North Ravenswood Avenue

Chicago, IL 60660

(773) 561-5940

Rosehill Cemetery opened in 1859, and is now home to more than 1500 Chicagoans including, soldiers and generals who served in the  Civil War, mayors, celebrities and founders of the city. There have been several incidents of what appeared to be ghost spottings over the years involving people who were buried there centuries ago, and their families.

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