Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 2

real haunted places 2 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 2

See more “real” haunted places in Chicago like some famous mansions, hotels and museums. Missed part 1? Click here.

real haunted 4 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 2

Schweepe Mansion

Mayflower Road

Lake Forest, IL 60045

Laura Shedd passed away in 1937 of a heart attack, after inheriting the house from her parents in 1917. Four years later her husband Charles, who is said to have committed suicide, was found dead in his room by one of their servants. The house remained vacant for the next 46 years and during that time ghosts spottings have been reported. In 1987 a young couple purchased the mansion and began renovations, however the windows in Charles and Laura’s room appeared cobweb and debris free while all other windows and surfaces were covered in dust and cobwebs.

real haunted 5 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 2

Congress Plaza Hotel

520 S. Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60605

(312) 427-3800

This historical Chicago hotel, built in 1893, is the home to paranormal activity and ghosts. Guests have reported their electricity flickering on and off as well as “phantom” noises coming from their rooms. An original Chicago Gangster, Al Capone, once used this hotel as his headquarters and it is said that his ghost has been seen a few times as well.

real haunted 62 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 2

1893 Columbian Fairgrounds

In 1893, a man by the name of Daniel Burnham constructed the World’s First Fair in Chicago. The fair was constructed to celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America in 1492, drawing in over 27 million people. The fair ended in tragedy when a young doctor named Henry Holmes built the “World’s Fair Hotel” to lure people in so he could kill them. The hotel was equipped with gas chambers, dissection tables, and a 3,000 degree crematorium. He was sentenced to execution on November 30th in 1985, and became known as the first serial killer. After his death a series of unexpected deaths occurred including a coroner who served on the trial, the trial judge, the priest who served on the trial and the Superintendent of the prison where Holmes was sentenced to death, committed suicide.  While he confessed to 27 of his murders, only nine have ever been confirmed, and it is said that the actual number is estimated to be much higher.

real haunted 7 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 2

The Museum of Science and Industry

5700 S. Lake Shore Drive

Chicago, IL 60637

(773) 684-1414

Chicago’s famous Museum of Science and Industry , located on the South Side of the city, is home to  at least 3 known ghosts. The ghost of Clarence Darrow, a prominent Chicago Lawyer is one of the museums most frequent visitors. His case in 1924 Leopold and Loeb, involving two teenagers and the murder of a 14 year old boy, in which he won them life is prison instead of execution has become a historical case in Chicago. Preceding his death in 1938, his ashes were spread over the Jackson Park Lagoon, located next to the museum. In 1957 the bridge which spans over the Lagoon was named in his honor, and each year they hold a ceremony in remembrance of him. On various occasions his ghost has been reported as being seen around the lagoon, as well as roaming the halls inside the museum. Visitors of the museum recall seeing an elderly man in a suit wandering through the halls that overlook the lagoon. Code: Ghosts

real haunted 8 Real Haunted Places In The Chicago Area: Part 2

The Fort Dearborn Massacre

Fort Dearborn was built in 1808 by the American Government who wanted to establish land on the Chicago River. In 1812 the troops were forced to leave the fort when the War with Great Britain began. Shortly after their departure they were attacked and murdered by Potawatomi Indians.  Today, the site is home to old pioneers and colonial figures. Visitors of the site have also reported ghost like figures in pictures they took while there.

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