Get To Know K-Hits: Chicago’s Greatest Hits Of The 60s, 70s & 80s

k hits logo post Get To Know K Hits: Chicagos Greatest Hits Of The 60s, 70s & 80s

The all-new 104.3 FM, “K-HITS,” will combine Chicago’s greatest hit music of the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s with personalities that are synonymous with the Windy City including Eddie and Jobo, Gary Spears and Bo Reynolds, among others.

Showcased on the station will be a who’s who of the industry’s most successful recording artists. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Earth, Wind & Fire, Rod Stewart, Chicago, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, U2, REO Speedwagon, and John Mellencamp are just a few of the bands and musicians that will prominently play on “K-HITS” along with the best of Motown, and top 40 hits of the 70’s and 80’s.

Well-known to Chicago listeners of all ages, Eddie and Jobo are set to anchor “K-HITS'” line-up with their unique brand of comedy interspersed with a variety of music every weekday morning (5:30-10:00AM). Gary Spears, one of the original B96 Hot Hits jocks from 1982-84, follows as host of middays (10:00AM-3:00PM). Spears also could be heard on B96 from 1990-94. Afternoon drive (3:00-8:00PM) will be presented by Bo Reynolds, a Chicago radio veteran who had a successful run on B96 from 1987-90. Evening and weekend talent will be announced at a later date. In the meantime, various guest hosts familiar to Chicago audiences will fill-in during these timeperiods.

“This is one of the most exciting days in our long history in Chicago radio,” enthused Eddie and Jobo. “To be rookies again, starting on a brand new radio station in our hometown is, well who said ‘you can’t go home’?

This upcoming Monday, March 14th at 1:04pm, Eddie & Jobo will be introducing 104.3 K-Hits to Chicago. Special guest Broadway Bill Lee from W-CBS FM in New York will fill in next week from 10AM-3PM until Gary Spears begin on Monday, March 21st. Bo Reynolds will start his night shift from 6PM until 12 midnight on Monday.


One Comment

  1. jk says:

    you gained at least 1 new listener

    1. di says:

      104.3 will gain more than 1 new listener im certain.. cant wait for Eddie & Jobo morning show!! Welcome back guys!

  2. Greentoed says:

    One of the reasons I listened to JACK is because there was no DJ’s. Oh Well — Everything changes!!!!

  3. WCR says:

    Looking forward to the switch and hearing what Eddie and Jobo do with mornings as well as what the others do during the day. Been looking for an alternative since the Loop switched their format. Hope you stick to your statement that you will have live and local jocks during the shifts you haven’t filled, yet.

  4. pineapplequeen says:

    OMG I was just earning points about an hour ago. I came back to the site and it was totally different! I hope they still do all the contests!!

    1. Staff Writer says:

      We’re going to have concert tickets, trips, cash and plenty of more prizes for you to win!

  5. bobby.b says:

    don’t forget the 60’s and motown and the real sound of R&B CHICAGO SOUND. have a great day and good luck.

    1. Mike says:

      I agree!!

  6. bobby.b says:

    maybe some late 50’s there are some of us over 54! !i

    1. Lorenzo says:

      LOL (^_^)

  7. Mike B. says:

    Can’t say I understand why people hate DJ’s so much. For me, they’re a REASON to listen to radio. If I want to listen to music with nothing in between, I’ll put my iPod or a CD on.

    Looking forward to the debut of K-Hits!

  8. Arnold G says:

    “No radio personality can stand on top because Gary Spears is put there. Chicago, you are out for a treat!

    Congratulations to radio personality Gary Spears for his return to the air waves! Formerly from KIIS FM, K-BIG and other radio stations in Los Angeles and with CBS in Chicago. We wish you luck and you will be missed!! More to the story…
    Cheers from Hollywood, California.

  9. Matt in NYC says:

    As an avid radio junkie, was wondering what took CBS so long. Anyway if K-Hits is supposed to mirror CBS-FM here in NY, Chicago will have a hit station! (I loooove Chicago and can’t wait too be there next month). Advertise the HECK out of it!
    Congrats WJMK!

  10. Marty Lukowski says:

    Great news. Glad you doing this format. How about hiring Steve Dahl.

  11. RV says:

    are you going to have retro hot mixes???

  12. jax says:

    seeing some of the jocks I grew up with on B96 will give me some youth to my dairy aire! My kids listen to that now because they don’t understand me when I say it just isn’t the same. NOW maybe I can get their attention. BUT then again no Beebs will make that a bit difficult. Getting KevHead, Dahl, Landecker, would love to see Biondi but he is on WLS 94.7 … Maybe we can get Tim Spinnin Schomer to make another attempt and weekends with that midnight dance party he used to do. I am so stoked over this development!

  13. Sonny says:

    Well, if it ain’t broke, screw with it. I liked the fact JackFm was NO TALK in the morning. All that mindless repeating of what was in the Star or Enquirer or Globe. We have enough YapYapYap on 105.9, 101.9, 100.7 and even on 97.9 The Loop. Unless Eddie & JoBo are going to have their song parodies in the morning or the REAL exit (expressway) polls it’s gonna be another BlahBlahBlah for 4 hours in the morning. Oh, by the way: if you’re going to include the 60’s you better play the full album versions and live versions of the songs. I.E. Iron Butterfly’s, In-a-Godda-Da-Vida ALL 17min03sec of it and the Allman Brothers, Whipping Post (live) 22min55sec. Capishe!

  14. Sonny says:

    In response to Jax. I grew up with B96 as a Rock and Roll station before it went Hip Hop, and 101.1 was a progressive rock station not a winny namby pamby alternative station. Yes, I do remember listening to Animal Stories on AM89 and AM1000 SuperCFL with The King Biscuit Flower Hour. Der!

  15. c bryan says:

    I want my Jack back

  16. wayne says:

    I use to listen to WBBM FM from 1982 -1987 when the format was mainstream top 40 that played all the hits,during that time Gary Spears and Eddie and Jobo where a part of that format and I am glad to see all of them going to be on WJMK FM .This new classichits format will work because of WLS Fm using Scott Shannons syndicated format during the 10am til 3pm slot and overnights and pretty much 24 hours on the weekends.WJMK FM going to be using live and local DJS is going to be a big plus for CBS.WLS FM should be worried and should rethink there format.I hope WJMK does have a great jingle package for there new format,it would be nice for them to use the old airpower jingles that WBBM FM used in 1983-1986.WJMK FM will be a big hit in Chicago and maybe even a bigger then ever before.

  17. John says:

    Steve Dahl should be doing mornings. Period. Eddie and Jobo should be moved to another time slot. Hire some blasts from the past like Fred Winston, John Landecker, and Wendy Snyder and then you got something. By the way, air shifts should be no longer than 3 hours. There are a lot of good dj’s out of work. Dj’s shouldn’t be on the air 5, 6, 7 hours at a time. Variety makes radio worth listening to otherwise just turn on your MP3.

    1. Charles Ryan says:

      Jack already tried using that outdated hack Dahl and it failed miserably.I want Jack back, WITHOUT any dj’s. Eddie and Jobo? Who lost the bet here? Jack was great the way it was and now it’s just going to be yet another oldies station that the Chicago area has more than its share of, no doubt overplaying Beatles songs too. One thing is for sure, with Jack leaving I’ll be leaving as well. Time to go back to the CD collection again.

  18. steven says:

    Sounds like the music will remain the same which is good, but Eddie & Jobo being added is a real mistake. We want music not talk from these two.

  19. steve tobin says:

    One thing is for certain,It’s still going to be same old 200 song playlist.The same thing you hear on WLIT,WLUP,WERV, etc.typical terrestrial radio.That’s why I don’t listen to chicago radio anymore it’s that bad.

  20. wayne says:

    On August 2nd 1984 WJEZ FM 104.3 drops its country music format and becomes WJMK FM Magic 104.3 the new and only Chicago oldies radio station up until June 2005.On Monday March 14th 2011,WJMK FM 104.3 will be repeating history again becoming Chicago’s Classichits radio station again,It will be a rebirth of WJMK FM but this time WJMK FM’s audience will be bigger and better then the first time around.WJMK will be taking a lot of listners away from WLS FM.As far as I am concern WJMK FM and WLS FM are the only two classichits stations in Chicago.WDRV FM and WLUP FM are not classichits stations,they are more on Classicrock and heavier stuff.So this is going be very interesting what will be happening in the radio ratings between WJMK FM and WLS FM.Let the Compention begin!

  21. Tom says:

    “K-Hits?” Really? 1980’s DJs? Seriously?? I thought we already HAD an oldies station in this town.
    Thank you Jack for several years of “not-the-exact-same-frickin’-thing everyone else is doing” radio. I’m going to miss your commentary between songs, callers’ messages to you, and your unmatched musical diversity.
    Welcome to Chicago, “K-Hits.” I already hate you.

    1. Charles Ryan says:

      I couldn’t have said it better Tom. I’ve posted a few of my own thoughts here but they have somehow disappeared…? Let’s see if this one remains.
      We have at least two other stations of this type already. Jack was a unique station above the others and what I liked most about them is the fact that they didn’t burn me out on Beatles, Who, Rush, Michael Jackson, etc- if you even heard them at all. But now they’re throwing those in along with dj’s like Spears, Eddie & Jobo and why not see if they can find Murphy while they’re at it? Oh, let’s throw in some stupid call-in games too because the reality TV shows aren’t doing enough to dumb down America.

      1. Cindi says:

        I too have had my negative comments deleted. I agree that there are already too many stations with this type of format. Jack was special because of its format and lack of DJ’s. Now it will be like every other dime-a-dozen radio stations in Chicago.

  22. Jim says:

    How about K-Hits 96.3
    Leave Jack were it is and replace B96!

  23. Jerry says:

    Can’t wait. Eddie and Jobo are the best. I like some talk for the morning commute!

  24. cathy says:

    eddie and jobo had a great show on b96 !!!! welcome back to radio!!!!

  25. adsq says:

    We knew Jack and we’ll miss Jack. Jack, thanks for the many wonderful years and awesome memories. K-Hits, we wish you luck (big challange ahead of you) and keep it simple (Music Hits). Make me proud!!!

  26. Sherry says:

    I won’t be listeining anymore. I loved Jack and the format. There is so much talk radio in the morning. I just want to hear music. So long Jack. It’s been great!!

  27. katy says:

    I love Eddie and Jobo and will listen to Jack or K-Hits now!! Great to see/hear you guys back!

  28. Lorenzo says:

    I love Eddie and Jobo, i used to listen to them on B96 and i’m sure they’ll make the same impression if not a BETTER one on khits

  29. Kelly says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Mike says:

    Eddie and Jobo, welcome back to the air you guys are great

  31. Tanya says:

    Hey Eddie and JoBo!! Nice to have you back onthe air. I’ve been listening since 12:45pm. I already love the station. :o)

  32. Maritta says:

    Love, Love, Love the new station…Eddie & Jobo awesome to have you back on FM, songs are great. What a way to Kick-Off!!

  33. Laurie says:

    The opening segment you did counting down the songs, movie clips, and commercials from 1960-1989 was amazing. Can you post that so we can listen to it again? Thanks for bringing back so many great memories!!! I will miss JACK fm, but you guys have my attention…

  34. wayne says:

    WJMK FM K-Hits is already a big success in my book.I am originaly from Chicago area,but I now live in Fort Myers Florida.I am listening online right now,I like what I am hearing,Eddie and JOBO sound great.It reminds me back in 1984 when JoBo first started at WBBM FM all hit music format and Eddie when he started at WBBM FM in 1986 all hit music station.The Jingles are great,they are catchy and very popular.You are going to have one of the best classichits station in this nation.WJMK FM and WCBS FM will be the top two stations in the usa.NO DOUBT.Thank you CBS for thr rebirth of WJMK FM.

  35. Jason Vancura says:

    I’m checking out this new K-Hits. It’s sort of a rebirth of oldies on 104.3. Welcome back WJMK!

  36. Gregory Best says:

    I grew up in or on the radio in Illinois and worked with Jobo in the early to mid 70’s (under the name Greg Gjerde). Now I am in San Diego doing voice over and l am listening. Good job guys, like the format and music. Keep up the good work!!!! Let me know if you need any drops or imaging…

  37. mango says:

    The new K-hits sounds great. But if you’re going to bring back Chicago radio stars from the 80’s, you need to bring back Barsky from the old Z-95. I know they were B-96’s main competiter, but Barsky was the best back in the day. It seems like all the new DJ’s are former B-96 DJs. How about some stars from other stations. Maybe Johnny B? He still lives in Chicago right?

  38. Brian says:

    Eddie and Jobo are the reason I will never listen to this station – EVER.

  39. Ronnie says:

    What a great idea to bring Eddie &Jobo back…I miss you guys…This will be my favorite station..I like the talk in the morning with Eddie and Jobo..They put me in a good mood…Thanks

  40. Dawn W. says:

    Broadway Bill Lee, glad to hear you–had been enjoying you on the satellite channels so welcome to Chicago. Please play The Buckinghams on your show, best of the 60s Chicago-style! Enjoying the oldies format here. Thanks!

  41. Tim G says:

    I think “Bo” Reynolds needs to go back to his original name when he was on B-96—-which is Pat Reynolds. Pat moved to Q105 in Tampa and the PD changed his name to “Bo” and I guess its stuck…… But come on Pat, drop the cheesy “Bo”

  42. wags says:

    I loved JACK and their “We play what we want” attitude.No one’s done that before. JACK did it and DID IT WELL!!! I always say, IF IT AIN’T BROKE, DON’T FIX IT! CBS owned JACK and CBS owns K*HITS. So if there’s no change in ownership and it ain’t broken, why try and fix it???? I’m giving K*HITS a chance but will miss JACK terribly.

  43. John says:

    Sounds absolutely the jingles. , the music is great and of course Eddie & JoBo, and Broadway Bill Lee – shame he cant stay on more permanently.. add Captain Whammo at night and were cookin man.. or of course Landecker, Winston,Jeff Hooker, Don Girardeaux from the old WCFL, or Don Beano from the newer old WCFL…. Bill Taylor fro CFL/DHF days I like the 3 hour shorter Jock shift idea of the other John below and add even more of truly Chicago radio personalities, keep the commercial sets miminal, pay the bills get onto the music, personality and heavy local sound. Love the uptempo.

  44. JC says:

    Love the new K Hits- liove the jingles, the music and the uptempo local emphasis, keepo the commercial sets minimal pay the bills and back to the music and personality… Good to hear Eddie & JoBo and Broadway Bill Lee, wish he was more permanent,, add’
    Captain Whammo at night from the old WDHF/WMET and were cookin.. or add another old Chicago dj like Bil Taylor from the old CFL, Don Girardeux from the old CFL, Fred Winston/ John Landecker even Don Beano from the newer old WCFL.. love the station so far..
    I like Johns idea of shorter dj shifts and more personalities. As much as I like Steve Dahl, dont think this is his kind of radio station unless you put him inthe morning and eddie & jobo in the afternoon.

  45. Rhonda and Tony says:

    We will miss jack fm. it was a great station that did’t play a lot of soft fluff music from the 80’s. The variety was excellent and we will miss it dearly. We really didn’t need anothet Lite FM station here, we already have too much. The Chicago market is really missing out on Retro heavy metal more than anything else and that would have been a niche that you could have filled. Remember Zrock?

  46. kayla says:

    i love this new station, it actually plays the good music that jack left out, it’s kind of reminiscent of oldies or magic 104.3. well all i have to say about what happened was that i guess people didn’t like jack playing what he wanted. keep up the good work K-Hits!!

  47. Joey B says:

    Great to hear Eddie & Jobo. Just wish the music choice was a little more recent.

    Great Job, Now just find Karen!!

  48. Vicky says:

    So, this morning I’m in the car listening to some other station when I decide to see what’s on Jack-FM….Talking? On Jack?….then I realize I recognize the voices and get scared that its ANOTHER “kids” station but I listened anyway.
    AWESOME!! Nice to hear Eddie and JoBo doing “big kids” stuff—welcome back! I’ll be listening.

    1. Vicky says:

      BTW…I did like Jack-FM because of the No talk.
      I’m kinda liking that you guys are trying to keep the chat to a minimum.

  49. JOSEPH CAIOLA says:

    i live in smyrna, tn. gthank god for stream lining rfadio cuz radio in nashvilee SUCKS. K-HITS is awesome, Such variety, I’m hooked!

  50. Bill says:

    Big huge Dislike! The music is great! Please go back to no DJs it was so refreshing to something original!

    1. Calvin says:

      “It was refreshing to something original!” What? What’s original about playing a bunch of songs back to back with no personality? Radio is about PERSONALITY! If you want back-to-back song, program your iPod.

      The new K-Hits 104-3 ROCKS!

  51. Phil says:

    Not enough ’60s being played here. Otherwise, it’s your typical ’70s and ’80s based Classic Hits station with a tight and boring overplayed list of songs, but with good talent.

    1. Mike says:

      I agree! Not enough ’60’s!!

  52. Calvin says:

    Thank God for the return of entertaining radio! Radio with attitude! Great personalities, creative sweepers, hot jingle package, choice hits! This is what radio is supposed to sound like! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

  53. Rick says:

    Love it, Love it, Love it! It is great to have a Radio Station you can be proud to have on at work, at home and in the car! bringing back all that great radio talent is such a great idea and now i don’t yell at my radio after hearing the same song every 15-20mins like the other guy’s up and down the other channels hint hint! Please stick around for a long time, I really miss having fun listening to Radio instead of yelling at it!

  54. wayne says:

    I have been listening to WJMK FM K-HIts and your sound is great.You Guys sound like WLS AM 89 when WLS AM use to rock and roll.I am very pleased that you guys do have a very long playlist.There is a lot of great rock and roll and r and b music from the 60s and 70s and 80s to be heard.

  55. Carl Zorbatta says:

    OK, the moderator keeps erasing my comments, but maybe this one will stick..used to be I could put on 104.3 and listen with my kids in the car, tried it yesterday, and they said some things inappropriate for children, so 104.3 just fell off my preset stations. Sorry, guys. Bring back the Music!

  56. Mike says:

    Love KHits!! However pleas play more ’60’s music!! Lots of great Motown, Beach Boys, Kinks, Turtles, etc.

  57. wayne says:

    WJMK FM K-HITS and WLS FM are two different classichits stations.WJMK FM has much much better playlist then WLS FM.Compare the playlist from both stations,you will notice the difference between the two stations.WJMK FM K-HITS Rules in the city of Chicago.

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