Ways To Save This Holiday Season!

Our friends over at Kodak, asked us to put together a list of ways to save this Holiday Season! With their new Kodak Hero Printer on the market, they definitely know a thing or two about savings. We liked the idea and decided to put together a brief list of things you can do to save a little bit of cash during the holidays!

1. When shopping online, always search for a coupon!
Not many people know about this, but it is one way that we save money not only during the holidays, but year round. Anytime we buy online, Google “coupon code for [insert company name here].” We have saved on everything from free shipping to 20% of our entire purchase. Nearly every product you can use has an online coupon code somewhere, so take the extra minute and search!

2. See if your store will price match!
Do a little research when you are getting ready to buy. Lots of stores will price match if you can prove that a competitor has a better deal, so it’s worth the time to look into it. Make sure you print out whatever low price you found, and be polite when you ask if the store honors price matching. Some do and some don’t, but you should ALWAYS treat the person answering your question with kindness!

3. Make a gift yourself!
The easiest way to save money is to make a gift yourself. Friends and family will appreciate the sentiment. Not only that, but you get the spend an afternoon being creative. One REALLY easy gift that people love is a batch of cookies in a jar. Here is how you make it in a few easy steps:
•Go to your local craft store and buy a mason jar and some ribbon.
•Find a cookie recipe online (chocolate chip is always an easy one)
•Measure out all the DRY ingredients for the recipe and layer them one at a time in the mason jar.
•Close the top and glue a ribbon around the jar
•Take a picture of yourself with a BIG smile on your face and print it using your Kodak Hero Printer
•On the back of the picture, write out the rest of the cookie recipe

TA-DA! Now, all your gift receiver has to do is put the contents of the jar into a mixing bowl, add a few more ingredients from the fridge and voila! Homemade cookies in minutes!

4. Take advantage of Buy One Get One deals
Lots of stores are doing buy one get on deals this holiday season. If you have friends with similar tastes or ones that live in different areas of the country, stock up on a buy one get one deal. You get more for your money and kill two birds with one stone!

5. Give the gift of quality time
This one is totally FREE and means more than any gift you could buy. Spend the day with your gift receiver doing things that don’t cost a thing. Head to your local park for a walk or hike, go on a bike ride together or take a drive up the coast and stare at the ocean. Quality time during the holidays is the most important thing since life tends to be busy year round. Stop down for a minute and show your friends, family and loved ones how much you love seeing them!

Happy Holidays from The New 104.3 K-Hits and KODAK!


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