How Do These ‘Modern Love’ Covers Compare To Bowie?

By Mason Johnson

It’s interesting to see what songs a band covers. Sometimes it makes perfect sense, other times it throws ya off balance. You can never be certain what bands a musician has been influenced by.

David Bowie though, he’s the kinda guy who can influence musicians across styles and genres. His 80s hit “Modern Love” (which I like infitely more than the annoying “China Girl”) is a great example of a catchy song you’re liable to find the most unlikely of characters singing.

There are three “Modern Love” covers below. Let me know if they’re any good in the comments!


The gruff alt-country-punk-blues band from Tennessee, Lucero, tried their hand at “Modern Love” for the AV Club. You wouldn’t expect the gnarly voice of Ben Nichols to be able to pull of Bowie, but it doesn’t sound half bad.

The Last Town Chorus

Brooklyn’s The Last Town Chorus took “Modern Love” and made it their own, slowing it down and giving it an ethereal feel thanks to some slide-guitar action.

Some Girl On YouTube With A Ukulele

It seems like every pop song in existence has been covered by a young lady with a ukulele on YouTube. “Modern Love” is no exception. What do you think of the ukulele fad?

And here’s the original!



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