Coach Q’s Neighbors Celebrate Blackhawks Win… By Teepeeing His House!

What happens when you’re the coach of the Stanley Cup Champions? You certainly won’t be running out of toilet paper!

The photo above is Coach Q’s house in the burbs. Like the rest of Chicagoland, his neighbors were so happy about the Hawks win, they decided to celebrate. Unfortunately for Coach Q, this meant teepeeing his house.

Don’t worry, we doubt this small amount of fun mischief ruined his night!

Here’s a closer look at the teepeeings:

(Credit: Cheryl McCarthy)

(Credit: Cheryl McCarthy)

Here, Coach Q chitchats between cleaning up:

Coach Q talks to some folks while cleaning up a little. (Credit: Erin Lee Cavanah)

Coach Q talks to some folks while cleaning up a little. (Credit: Erin Lee Cavanah)

  • Photo: Coach Q’s House Teepeed After Stanley Cup Victory « CBS Chicago

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