How To Celebrate National Hot Dog Day

By Mason Johnson

Poppy seed bun, yellow mustard, chopped onions, BRIGHT green relish, dill pickle IN THE SHAPE OF A SPEAR, tomato, peppers, celery salt.

Oh! And the hot dog. Don’t forget the dog. Preferably Vienna.

If you don’t already have that list committed to memory, you might want to move outta Chicago.

Anyway, it’s National Hot Dog Day! Are you excited? We’re excited. Below are a few suggestions for hot dogs across the city of Chicago. We don’t care how you celebrate (put ketchup on it for all we care, ya heathen), as long as you celebrate.


Bull & Bear
431 North Wells Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654
(312) 527-5973‎

Bull & Bear is doing National Hot Dog Day justice by celebrating it for an entire week.

That’s dedication.

Chef David Blonsky has crafted a new hot dog for each day of the week from Monday, July 22nd to Sunday, July 28th. Today’s dog? Little Italy Dog: salami pepperoncini sausage, arugula pesto, grilled and pickled forest mushroom, aged provolone, on a fennel seed hoagie.

You can see what other dogs Bull & Bear has lined up here.


6363 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL ‎
(773) 763-0660

Few (if any) days are more important to Superdawg than National Hot Dog Day. What else would you expect from a place whose mascots are, well, giant hot dogs?

In a post on their facebook page, Superdawg said it best, “On National Hot Dog Day, it doesn’t matter where you go for your hot dog, just that you’re having one. Today we all wave the same flag :)”

Holy moly I think I’m tearing up.

Listen, Superdawg has been serving up hot dogs to families since the 1940s. They may not have a host of fancy ingredients, but they know how to do it right. They’re a great choice to honor National Hot Dog Day.


Don’s Drive Inn
7748 South Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60652

Don’s Drive Inn is just a little stand that serves Vienna hot dogs.

Which is exactly what you need on this day, holiest of days.

Best of all, their dogs are only 99 cents today. You can’t beat that price!

The Best

Hot Doug’s
3324 N California Ave
Chicago, IL ‎
(773) 279-9550

It seems like people are getting tired of hearing about how amazing Hot Doug’s is. Well, when a better hot dog joint rises out of Lake Michigan and usurps Hot Doug’s, we’ll stop talking about them.

Really, there’s no other spot in the city that offers a selection like this. For two bucks, you could get a Chicago-style dog with all the trimmings. It almost seems a waste to stop there though. With their wide selection of encased meats and toppings, go exotic! Get the Joe Strummer (one of the best meatless dogs in the city), the Brigitte Bardot (an extremely hot andouille sausage), or today’s special, the Victoria Désirée (curry pork and veal sausage with spinach raita, sun-dried tomatoes and haloumi cheese).

That’s one fancy sausage.

Where do you like to go for a good hot dog? Let us know in the comments!


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