The Kinks May Tour in 2014

The Kinks haven’t toured together since they broke up in 1996, but with the band’s 50th anniversary looming, it seems possible 2014 could be the year they get back together.

Apparently, Ray and Dave Davies met up three times this summer to talk about the prospect of touring.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Dave said, “The first two meetings were great. We talked about the old days and maybe doing something next year. I thought to myself, ‘Oh shit, maybe we could actually do something before we fall down dead.’ It was very positive.”

Apparently their third meeting didn’t go so well though. “We had tea right before I came over to America, and he was so negative, grumpy and just mean. It was like he fell into a black hole. He didn’t want me to come back to America. I think it’s because I’m happy and I was doing something without his approval. I feel like he was miserable because I was happy. He’s a really troubled man.”

So what are the chances you’ll see The Kinks touring the world next year? According to Dave, “I’d say the odds of that happening are 50/50.”

Read the full Rolling Stone interview with Dave Davies here.


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