Want To Get Into The Shedd Aquarium For Free?

Who doesn’t love going to The Shedd Aquarium?  Well, I’ve got a way for you to go for free!

Here’s the deal, The Shedd is going to be closed for a couple of days next week (on Wednesday and Thursday.)  Don’t worry, it’s nothing major that needs to be fixed or changed, just your run of the mill maintenance.

But that’s not the cool part, While you won’t be able to visit on those two days, when they reopen on next Friday (the 24th) they’ll be offering free general admission days until Tuesday, January 28th!  The catch is that you have to be an Illinois resident and you’ll still have to pay if  you want to see some of the special exhibits.

Who’s up for a run to the Shedd with me next week?  Lets go!

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