VIDEO: Dad Films Middle Schoolers Hilariously Slipping On Ice For Five Minutes

Don’t worry, the situation remained fun and games since no one got hurt.

Some are calling this dad the Father of the Year sincerely, others are doing so ironically, all because of a video he made.

Apparently waiting for his kids to get out of school, the Father of the Year sat in his car playing with his phone. When he noticed a lot of students had been falling on the same patch of ice on the sidewalk, he decided to take action.

No, he didn’t help warn kids of the perils of walking on the icy sidewalk, he instead filmed them as they slipped.

You can even hear him laugh in the background throughout the whole recording as kid after kid falls.

If you ask me, this video’s pretty funny (again, emphasized by the fact that nobody got hurt). Some seem to be calling this dad sadistic, others think he’s hilarious, what do you think?

Watch below…



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