The Chicago Bulls Are On A Kinda Sorta Thursday Night Winning Streak!

Did you know that the Chicago Bulls are on a winning streak?

Well, there’s a couple of asterisks that go with that winning streak.

With last nights 104 to 103 win over the Boston Celtics, they are now 17-0.

…on Thursday nights…

…at home…

…when the games have aired on TNT.

Seriously, someone tracks stuff like that! Who knew?

I guess it’s been five seasons that this has been going on!

In other news…

-It’s supposed to be 60 degrees not just today and tomorrow, but through part of next week as well!

Guess that Groundhog who predicted six more weeks of winter wasn’t so accurate with it’s prediction, huh?

-There’s a whole bunch of different Honorary street signs all over Chicago, but at least one proposal wants to make it a dead issue.

The proposal would require the person the street is being named after to be dead before they got such an honor.

Kinda morbid, isn’t it?

-Even though he’s having a rough go of it getting his Cabinet approved, President Trump says that his Presidency is moving along just great.

The Commander in Chief also had some more things to say about Chicago, which you’ll hear in this newscast!

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