Did You Know That Chicago Just Celebrated It’s 180th Birthday?

Great! Now I’ll have to run to the store and buy one of those “Sorry that I missed your birthday” cards!

While I was watching the news last night, they mentioned that the City of Chicago was incorporated on March 4, 1837.

If my math is correct, that makes the Windy City about 180 years old!

That’s a whole lotta candles for one cake!

Speaking of cake, I missed the party to celebrate Chicago’s birthday too!

There was Eli’s Cheesecake served up at the Chicago History Museum yesterday morning!

Aghh! I love Eli’s Cheesecake!

Someone needs to warn me about this stuff ahead of time! I always hear about it after the fact!

On top of that, it was free to get in to the Museum yesterday too!

Apparently they have free days every once and a while when historic dates like this come up!

Here’s a link to the calendar on their website, so you don’t miss when the next big thing like this is either!

Happy Birthday Chicago!

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