Who Was The Greatest US President Ever?

If you were to rank all the US Presidents from best to worst, who would line up where?

More importantly, could you actually name all the US Presidents?

(I know I probably couldn’t LOL!)

Anyway, a group of historians did and named Abraham Lincoln at #1.

George Washington was right behind him in the #2 slot.

President Obama was #12 and James Buchanan (our 15th President) was dead last on the list.

In other news…

Did a Trump campaign adviser have contact with the Russians?

We’ve got the latest accusations being tossed about in this newscast!

Sports, Sports and more Sports!

Who did the The Blackhawks beat to reclaim their rightful spot atop the Western Conference yesterday?

What was the final score between Illinois and Valpo in the first round of the NIT?

When will Northwestern face off with Vanderbilt in the NCAA tournament today?

Newsman David Hagen has all the details, which you can hear in the audio below!

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