‘Beauty & The Beast’ Is Still A Beast At The Box Office!

You know a movie is HUGE when it drops nearly 50% from the week before and still makes over 88 million bucks.

In week two “Beauty and The Beast” made $88.3 million bucks, bringing it’s two week total to just shy of $317 million!

The “Power Rangers” reboot was a distant second, nabbing a respectful $40 million bucks as it tries $100 million dollar budget.

It’s only the first week for our “Mighty Morphin” friends, so they have time to recoup it!

“Kong: Skull Island” has made about $133 million back on it’s $185 million dollar budget with this past weekend’s third place finish of $14 million dollars.

“Life” and “Logan” rounded out the top 5.

The remake/reboot of the old Erik Estrada “C.H.I.P.S.” series failed to gain any major audience. ¬†It made just over & and a half million, which put it at 7th place for the weekend.

You can see where your favorite movie finished at this link.



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