Toll Lanes On The Stevenson Expressway? Say It Ain’t So!

Would you pay to drive on the Stevenson Expressway?

You may soon have to!

Governor Rauner is pushing for a public/private partnership to build toll lanes along certain parts of the Stevenson Expressway.

Critics want to know what the point is — they claim that nobody would uses them!

Mayor Emanuel wants to crack down on the city’s party buses!

Ever see those party buses that are filled with a ton of drunken people having a good time?

Mayor Emanuel thinks that sometimes the people on those buses are having too good of a time.

He wants to have the companies who run those buses either install security cameras or have security guards on them.

Should ex-cons “Pay To Stay” at Illinois prison?

There is a program that goes after some former inmates in the state’s prisons to refund the cost of their stay but it looks like Illinois is backing off the idea a little bit.

It seems that ex-cons who are fresh out of prison don’t have a lot of cash to repay them, so what’s the point?

What executive orders has President trump handed out lately?

One of President Trump’s  campaign promises was to roll back President Obama’s when it comes to the environment.

He did just that yesterday and you’ll get all the details in the newscast that can be heard below!

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