VIDEO: George Thorogood’s Not A Cubs Fan, But He LOVES Wrigley Field

George Thorogood, along with Jim Suhler, killed it on the K-HITS BlueCross BlueShield Performance Stage last week! You missed it? No worries, you can watch his interview with the one and only Dave Fogel above!

One of the main subjects: baseball. George Thorogood, who has met Ron Santo, waited to take his daughter to her first baseball game until she was 9.

And it was a Cubs game!

Why wait? Because babies shouldn’t go! A child should be old enough to actually remember the game, Thorogood believes.

“If my daughter’s going to go to her first baseball game, she’s going to go to Wrigley Field, in the daytime, during the week,” Thorogood said. “And if you can believe this, the Cubs won.”

Thorogood, it should be noted, is a Mets fan.

Thorogood also talks about northern Delaware (where he’s from), his upcoming solo album, and his first memory of playing in Chicago.

“You’re gonna dig this,” he told Dave Fogel. “We came here in like January, 1979.”

Yes, this was during the ’79 blizzard that got 21 inches of snowfall in a two-day period. His story of the packed show is hilarious!

Watch the whole interview above!


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