Who Did It Better? The Kinks VS. Van Halen ‘You Really Got Me’

In 1964, The Kinks had a Top ten hit with the song “You Really Got Me.”

14 years later, Van Halen had their very first radio hit with the same song!

Here’s┬ásomething interesting about each group’s version of the song.

It’s on The Kink’s self titled debut album as well as Van Halen’s self title debut album!

Here’s The Kinks’ version of the song:

Here’s Van Halen’s version:

It’s interesting to note that Eddie Van Halen wasn’t a big fan of this song being released as the band’s first single.

It seems that he was unhappy with them releasing someone else’s song as their debut single.

Dave Davies of The Kinks has gone on record as not being a fan of the song but his brother Ray apparently thinks the song is kinda funny and likes it

More importantly, who do you think rocked this song better?

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