They Did Something No Other Group Had Done Before, Or Since

Bobby Vinton topped the American music charts for 4 weeks in January 1964.

On February 1st, something happened that changed the music world forever.

I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles became the #1 song in the country. It would remain at the top for 7 weeks.  On March 21st, She Loves You would take over the #1 spot.

Come April 4th, Can’t Buy Me Love was at the top and stayed there for 5 weeks.  That made a total of 14 straight weeks for the Beatles at #1.

They also became the only group to ever chart all top 5 hits during the same week.

  1.  Can’t Buy Me Love
  2.  Twist and Shout
  3.  She Loves You
  4.  I Want to Hold Your Hand
  5.  Please Please Me

When will someone break this incredible record?   Don’t hold your breath!


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