STUDY: Ice Cream In The Morning? It’s Beneficial For The Brain!

What do you do immediately after waking up in the water? Head for the coffee pot? Splash some water on your face? Whatever it is, you probably don’t treat yourself to a little bit of ice cream.

But it turns out, a little bit of Rocky Road might actually help.

According to a study published by Kyorin University professor Yoshihiko Koga in Japan’s Excite News, ice cream first thing in the morning could help brain activity

“The study … compared participant’s brain activity in people who had been given ice cream immediately after waking up with those who had not eaten ice cream,” wrote International Business Times. “Koga found that people who had consumed ice cream for breakfast showed better reaction time and were able to process information better than those who did not have the ice cream. Further tests of brain activity also showed that the people who had ice cream first thing in the morning had an increase in high-frequency alpha waves, which are associated with higher levels of alertness and can reduce mental irritation…”

Participants were also tested with cold water, which did not affect them quite as much as the ice cream.

It’s still unclear why ice cream was so potent in this study. More research will have to be done… So where do you volunteer to be a guinea pig?!

Read more here!


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