VIDEO: Peanut Tillman Stars In “Coming To America 2”

From the “something just doesn’t look right about this” department, Peanut Tillman cut off his dreads!

For twelve years (and even one Super Bowl), we looked forward to that hair each weekend. With the Bears, that was often the ONLY thing we looked forward to seeing!

And now, it’s gone. WHO IS THIS MYSTERY MAN?!?

In typical Peanut fashion, he had some fun with the chop job.

Remember the scene in “Coming To America” when Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy) had his hair cut at My-T-Sharp? History just repeated itself!

gettyimages 120916604 VIDEO: Peanut Tillman Stars In Coming To America 2

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

In the video above, Tillman stars not only as himself, but as the Rick James lookalike in the chair. Co-starring is another former Bear, Anthony “Spice” Adams. He plays himself and the barber.

In case you’re curious, The Bottom Line is an actual barbershop in Gurnee. Drop by sometime. You may see celebrities!

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