Are These The Best Pizzas In Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin? YOU Decide!

Somehow, I’ve never been to Pequod’s Pizza. That needs to change today!

The Daily Meal just published a list of best pizza in every state, and Pequod’s won Illinois.

They reference the caramelized crust, saying the “chewy, crusty, quasi-burnt cheese crust that forms the outer edge of this cheesy casserole” adds a “welcome degree of texture that probably wouldn’t be necessary if it weren’t nearly an inch thick.” They also call it “beautiful!”

Please don’t tell Giordano’s that I’m planning to moonlight. We have a really good thing.

For those in Wisconsin, check out Zaffiro’s Pizza in Milwaukee. Hoosiers will have to make a slightly longer drive to Diavola in Indianapolis.

CLICK HERE to see all 50 ‘zas! (Make that 51. They include DC.)

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