Even Though It’s Past April 15th, Here’s Why Your Taxes Aren’t Due Until Tomorrow!

Normally, if you didn’t already have your taxes in the mail, you’d be in some serious trouble with the people from the IRS.

But a couple of unique circumstances this year means that your taxes don’t have to be in the mail until tomorrow.

First off, April 15th was a Saturday, which would normally push Tax Day to the following Monday.

Thing is, there’s some sort of “only in Washington DC” holiday, which means government workers get the day off today.

So, that’s why Tax Day is tomorrow, well, unless you’ve filed an extension, which means you still have a whole bunch of time!

It seems like only teams owned by Jerry Reinsdorf could win yesterday!

Both The Cubs and Blackhawks lost yesterday.

For the Cubs it meant they were swept for the first time this season.

The Blackhawks will be back on the ice tonight, but they’ll be down 2 games to nothing in the first round of the NHL Playoffs!

The Sox were winners and The Bulls knocked off the #1 seeded Boston Celtics in game one of round one of the NBA Playoffs!

Tensions are rising between the US and North Korea!

Vice President Mike Pence is in South Korea issuing a warning to North Korea, which you’ll hear about in this round of K-Hits News!

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