Derrick Rose Was At Last Night’s Bulls-Celtics Game At The United Center!

A father taking his son to a Chicago Bulls game isn’t by itself all that weird.

But when it’s former Chicago Bull (and current New York Knick) Derrick Rose, maybe it’s a tad bit awkward.

They even showed him up on the big screen at the United Center!


Rose told The Chicago Tribune that he figured it might be weird, but that he was there to make memories with his son, so it was OK.

Besides, he told them that he just loves basketball and wanted to see the game.

The crowd chanted “MVP” at him, if they’d booed him, well, now that would have been awkward!

I would’ve cheered for Derrick if I was there, it just that he’s so fragile and is injured all the time!

BTW-The Bulls lost that game and the playoff series is now tied at two games apiece.

Maybe D-Rose shouldn’t show up! Maybe he’s bad luck! (Just kidding!)

Wednesday The Bulls are back on the court in Boston!


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