Giving Up Your Airline Seat Could Pocket You A Whole Bunch Of Cash!

By now, we’ve all seen the video of the guy dragged off a United Airlines flight for not giving up seat for a crew member.

While that wasn’t good, the changes that it’s bringing about could be really good for your pocketbook!

United Airlines announced a whole bunch of changes that will hopefully reduce how often flights are overbooked,

But more importantly, they’re upping how much they’ll offer people to give up their seats.

Here’s what was in USA Today:¬†

“United policy will be revised to increase the compensation levels up to $10,000 per customers willing to volunteer to take a later flight. This will go into effect on April 28.”

For that kind of change, I think that I’d want to get bumped! ¬†They wouldn’t even have to drag me off either…I’d run!

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