College Instructor Publishes Students’ Browsing Habits

Here’s some advice: if you’re allowed to have your laptop out during class, don’t surf the internet. And definitely don’t look at pornography!

Some college professors at University of Michigan at Ann Arbor noticed that their students were getting distracted when their laptops were out in class. They could ban laptops, but they were necessary for some class activities.

Instead of banning computers, Graduate Student Instructors in the class kept track of everything students did on their laptops during class.

You wouldn’t believe the things they saw! Job applications, social media, pornography β€”Β one person even bought $240 worth of turtlenecks!

At the end of the semester, they displayed the long list of things they noticed in a PowerPoint demonstration to students. You can see the list of things below!

Students are lucky their identities weren’t included with the activities…



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