Check Out How Eisenhower High School In Blue Island Is Helping Its Students!

80% of the students at Eisenhower High School in Blue Island come from households that live below the poverty line.

That means many of the students there don’t have clean clothes or the food they need to eat.

Some schools would ignore that need, but not the teachers and administrators at Eisenhower.

First off, every student qualifies for free lunch.

But that’s not what the school is doing that’s so amazing.

According to the Beverly Review newspaper, the principal there has OK’ed the purchase of a washer and dryer so that students that need to clean their clothes, but can’t do it at home or afford to go to a laundromat, can do it at school.

They also have a closet full of clothes, shoes and all the other stuff might need.

The cool part is that it’s totally free to those in need.

Even cooler, most of the items in there are donated.

If you want to donate stuff, you can click this link to the school’s website to find out how!


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