BEWARE: If You Get a Google Docs Email, Do NOT Open It!

It’s hard to keep up with all the scams and viruses making their way around the internet.

Many of them try to disguise themselves as genuine emails so that you’re more likely to open. That’s why, you have to stay vigilant.

This morning, I received a Google Docs email from an unknown sender.

I Googled the senders name and found out that it was an event organizer in the Chicago area. While legit, something told me NOT to open the email because why would someoneĀ I don’t know send me a Google Docs file?

Upon further examination, I found that the email address,, was definitely sketchy.

google docs BEWARE: If You Get a Google Docs Email, Do NOT Open It!

Whoever this hacker was, they wanted me to open the email and give them access to all my personal info like username and password.

So please DO NOT OPEN THIS EMAIL. Delete it ASAP.

This is a phishing scam! This particularly Google Docs phishing scam is coming from all sorts of emails, so be careful!

Read more about phishing scams at B96!


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