MAP: Most Popular Star Wars Movies In Each State

Star Wars is the biggest franchise in existence, like it or not. But let’s be honest, not every Star Wars flick is a home run, right? Which makes ya wonder, what does a person’s favorite Star Wars movie say about them?

What does a state’s favorite Star Wars movie say about that state? went through the effort of finding out exactly which Star Wars movies each state in America preferred. They used Google Trends, collecting data from 2004 to present. Essentially, they ranked the movies by the amount they’ve been searched. Obviously, this gives the new movies a handicap, but The Force Awakens still won multiple states.

A New Hope came out ahead, winning 19 states total! Return of the Jedi had 11.

Utah residents do Google searches for Star Wars A LOT. More than any other state, it seems. And on top of that, Utah was the only state where The Empire Strikes Back was the top search.

How can that be?! Empire’s easily the best Star Wars film!

Illinois’s number one spot was taken by Return of the Jedi, followed by Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope.

I’m not sure how I feel about this…

See every state’s results and the full mapĀ HERE.


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