If You’re Thinking About Going To Next Weekend’s Cubs/Cards Game In St. Louis, Consider This!

So next weekend is my wife’s birthday and she wants to go down to St. Louis to see our daughter and my mother-in-law.

I’m cool with seeing my daughter, but the other part? Umm, not so much.

I mean, a whole weekend with my mother-in-law? Is it cool if I stay home?

She then told me that she’d take me to a Cardinals game, because they’re playing our Cubbies next weekend.

Suddenly, I was all for it…..until I heard about this!

According to The St. Louis Dispatch, a fan sitting behind home plate was grazed by a stray bullet during a game on Tuesday.

They think that it came from outside the park, but somehow, that doesn’t seem any more comforting.

Here’s the statement that the Cardinals released about what happened:

It’s always cool to catch a foul ball at a game, but a bullet in the arm?  Not so much…

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