A Seinfeld Bar In Chicago? Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That…

Chicago is already home to a Saved by the Bell themed diner. Elizabeth Restaurant will offer a Twin Peaks inspired menu later this summer. So, why not add a Seinfeld bar to complete the television trifecta?

Clear your calendar for June 4th.  That’s when Scofflaw in Logan Square will host a Seinfeld celebration! I hear it’s going to be even bigger than the Kramennium.

(Please tell me you get that reference.)

Elaine would be thrilled with the menu. Not only will there be muffin tops, but they’ll have a BIIIIIGGGGG salad! Whatever you do, don’t ask George to buy one for you.

Black and white cookies will also be available. Or, as Jerry puts it, “two races of flavor living side by side in harmony.”

No reservations are required. Uh-oh. That may be trouble. We could have the Chinese restaurant episode all over again!

I sure hope this is covered on The Merv Griffin Show

(Yes, I have FAR too much Seinfeld in my cranium.)

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