New Otter Pups Jack & Kate Have Made Their Debut At Brookfield Zoo!

They may have been born back in February, but two new otter pups just made their debut at Brookfield Zoo.

13593cb5 5752 4b2d bdd6 11f19cf88940 New Otter Pups Jack & Kate Have Made Their Debut At Brookfield Zoo!

Photo Credit: Brookfield Zoo Press Release

The brother and sister are named Jack and Kate (wouldn’t Jack and Diane been much better? LOL!)

We didn’t forget Mom and Dad either. Mom is Charlotte and Dad is Benny.

It’s fitting that it happened on Mother’s Day, because these are the first two otters of their species to be successfully born at the zoo!

So what have the two been doing since February?

A zoo press release says that the pups have been hanging pretty tightly with their mom since birth learning things.

You know, stuff like how to swim and, well, be otters I guess.

How about we all take a road trip and go see ’em, huh?



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