Wait…They Deliver? McDonald’s Is Partnering With UberEats For McDelivery!

Why has it taken so long for this to happen here?

McDonald’s is joining up with the people from UberEats to start delivering food!

Guess that explains why I suddenly have a craving for an Egg McMuffin!

Apparently they’ve done it in other parts of the country, but are just bringing it to Chicago.

It won’t be free though.

Channel 7 says that there will be a delivery fee, which is usually around $5 or so, but they may charge an extra buck or two if it’s during what they consider peak busy times.

Here’s my thing, if you’re planning on ordering some McDonald’s this way, be sure to get orders from everyone in the office so it makes that delivery fee really worth it!

Just a little tip from you helpful Uncle Dave 🙂





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