VIDEO: Is Jimmy Fallon Copying BOTH Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Kimmel?

For the longest time, Jimmy Fallon had been #1 with The Tonight Show. That changed when The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert decided to get into a verbal scuffle with President Donald Trump.

Now, the late night ratings war is fierce…no matter what the hosts say in public! Numbers for Jimmy, Stephen, and even the “other Jimmy,” Jimmy Kimmel are pretty close.

I caught a bit of Fallon last night and it looked as though he was taking a page out of both Colbert’s and Kimmel’s playbook.

First, check out this George Clooney joke in the monologue:

Funny, right? Just ask Stephen Colbert, who used it nearly word for word the night before!

And then there’s the issue of facial hair. While nobody holds a trademark on beards, Jimmy F. is sure starting to look a lot like Jimmy K!

pjimage VIDEO: Is Jimmy Fallon Copying BOTH Stephen Colbert And Jimmy Kimmel?

(Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images and Noam Galai/WireImage)

Am I right?!?

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One Comment

  1. Those jokes are somewhat close, but not totally the same. Its not at all unusual for late night shows to tell similar jokes, in the same situation. It happens a lot. I don’t think anyone is COPYING….and did Jimmy Kimmel, INVENT the beard? Jimmy Fallon grew one a couple of years ago, on his old show. Lots of guys grow them, on and off.
    This article seems far fetched, and desperate to dis Fallon. Its unfortunately, is all the rage at the moment, since Fallon…seemingly (another far fetched notion) isn’t mean enough, to public enemy #1. (now THAT would be copying)

    1. Wouldn’t you expect Fallon’s staff to monitor Colbert, his show, and his tweets? That one was a bit too close.

      Also, I clearly stated that Kimmel doesn’t hold a beard trademark. Just interesting to see these things as ratings start to slip…

      For the record, I like Fallon! I think he should stick to what he does best and not try to change for ratings sake. You be you 🙂

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