K-Hits Cares! Does This Country Have a Heroin Epidemic?Heroin use and heroin-related overdose deaths are increasing among people from all walks of life in the United States.
K-Hits Cares! What You Should Know About ADHDChildren diagnosed with ADHD may be overly active or have trouble paying attention or controlling their behavior.
K-Hits Cares! Don’t Drink & DriveNearly one-third of fatal crashes in the U.S. involve an alcohol-impaired driver.
K-Hits Cares! Preventing A Foreclosure On Your HomeIf you're falling behind on your mortgage, its good to know your options.
K-Hits Cares! Got Tax Questions? The IRS Can Help!Tax time will soon be upon us and that means questions.
K-Hits Cares! Even Adults Should Get Vaccinations!Most adults are not vaccinated as recommended.
K-Hits Cares! Help For Veterans Dealing With PTSDMilitary life is rewarding, but it isn’t always easy.
K-Hits Cares! The Dangers Of Legionnaires’ DiseaseFind out in this PSA what can be done to fight this disease.
K-Hits Cares! Do You Use Extra Caution When Driving In School Zones?Do you drop off or pick up your children from school?
KHITS Cares : Keep Your Pets Safe in the Cold Temps!We may not have snow but the temps in Chicago are dropping! Here are some great reminders about keeping your pets safe in the freezing weather!
K-Hits Cares! Kids & Snowmobile Safety!Winter is definitely here and for many that means snowmobiling.
K-Hits Cares! Are You Prepared For Winter Storm Damage?Winter storms bring sleet and snow, but sometimes they bring rain as well!

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