K-Hits Cares! Preventing Debilitating Diseases Among WomenSocial Security provides important financial assistance to women in times of need, including a sudden illness or an injury leading to disability.
K-Hits Cares! Preventing MelanomaSkin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S.
K-Hits Cares! Help Prevent SuicideHave you recently experienced a traumatic event in your life?
K-Hits Cares! Don't Take Clean Air & Water For GrantedEach day, you drink clean water and breathe clean air thanks to the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program.
K-Hits Cares! Are You Watering Your Lawn Too Much?Ever heard someone say that you can't water your lawn too much?
K-Hits Cares! Building A Safe Work Foundation For TeensMillions of young people will enter the workforce this summer, many for the first time.
K-Hits Cares! Keep Your Contacts CleanKeratitis is a serious, sometimes blinding, eye infection often associated with poor contact lens hygiene.
K-Hits Cares! Reasons To Quit SmokingAbout 40 million Americans still smoke.
K-Hits Cares! Heart Disease & Stroke PreventionHeart disease and stroke are leading causes of death in the U.S.
K-Hits Cares! How Safe Is That Kid In Your Car?Keep child passengers as safe as possible!
K-Hits Cares! The Dangers Of Legionnaires’ DiseaseFind out in this PSA what can be done to fight this disease.
K-Hits Cares! How Is Your Baby’s Oral Health?Little ones can get cavities too!

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