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Charles 'Peanut' Tillman Will Retire A Chicago Bear!Even though he played last season with the Carolina Panthers, Charles Tillman will always be a Chicago Bear.
The VCR Is About To Become Extinct!The last company that makes VCR's say that they'll cease making them this month.
Penguins Are Making Their Long Awaited Return To The Lincoln Park Zoo!It's been five years since you could see penguins at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Hillary Clinton Is Attacking Donald Trump For Being Nice To Her?If this election cycle wasn't weird enough...
TV Theme Friday: 'Mr. Ed'Even though this show was cancelled over 50 years ago, most people can still sing the theme song to "Mr. Ed."
Here's A Listing Of The Cooling Centers Across Cook CountyIt's hard to imagine that some people don't have air conditioning, but that's a reality for a whole lot of Chicagoans.
The Former Hot Doug's Building Will Soon Look A Little Bit DifferentIf you ever waited in line for a Hot Doug's hot dog, you know that it could take a while sometimes.
Lurie Childrens Hospital Is Practicing 'Drunk Drills' In Preparation For LollapaloozaLollapalooza kicks off on July 28th and a local hospital is ready for an influx of drunk patients when it does.
Why Was Ted Cruz Booed Off The Stage At Last Night's RNC?There wasn't a whole lotta love for ted Cruz during last night's Republican National Convention.
Throwback Thursday Video: 'Wouldn't It Be Nice' By The Beach BoysGrab your copy of "Pet Sounds" and listen along with me to The Beach Boy's "Wouldn't It Be Nice" for Throwback Thursday.
Scottie Pippen WHITE SOX Bobblehead?!?This is cool, but a little odd. There will be a brand new Scottie Pippen bobblehead available in September. That’s not the odd part, but this is: he’ll be wearing a White Sox jersey!
VIDEO: Man Slides Off A Water Slide And Down A CliffThis is pretty much my nightmare when it comes to going down a water slide!

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