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These Villa Park Triplets Reunited With Their NICU Nurses For Their First Birthday!Being a Daddy myself, I really love stories like this!
Why We Need To Be Worried About The -40 Degrees Temps In Alaska!Winter doesn't officially start until December 21st, but when has Mother Nature ever looked at a calendar?
The Chicago Blackhawks Have Designed Some Holiday Themed Greeting Cards!Got some Christmas cards you still need to send out?
TV Theme Friday: 'I Dream Of Jeannie'Long before pop singer Christina Aguilera sang "Genie In A Bottle", there was a much more famous Jeannie that everyone talked about.
VIDEO: "Napoleon Dynamite - Part 2?"Napoleon sounds spot-on, but I think Pedro has lost his accent over the last 12 years!
Really? Therapy Horses To Help College Kids Deal With The Stress Of Finals?OK, I've officially heard it all.
Is Nickelback A Cruel & Unusual Punishment For DUI?I'm man enough to admit that I'm a fan of the band Nickelback.
Throwback Thursday Video: 'No One Is To Blame' By Howard JonesHe was here just a little over a week ago, so this seemed like the perfect choice for Throwback Thursday!
The Chicago Blackhawks Have The Best Fans In All Of Hockey!If you're a fan of the Blackhawks, this story will come as no surprise to you.
VIDEO: A 'Go Cubs Go' Christmas Lights Display!I'm pretty sure we'll see a bunch of these popping up in the weeks before Christmas.
A Taste Of The Rockin' '80s Courtesy Of Gary SpearsWe had some crazy parties back then when ratings would come out.
Find The Divvy Holiday Bike And WinPractically everywhere you go in Chicago, there are Divvy bikes. Most are blue. One is NOT.

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