Dave Fogel

dave125 Dave FogelDave is the son of former 60s radio deejay and Hollywood television actor Jerry Fogel. Being around celebrities was pretty common for Dave… even in high school! Superbowl MVP John Elway was his team quarterback and Valerie Bertinelli was in his algebra class!!!

Dave’s dad moved the family to the midwest, where Dave attended the University of Missouri. It seems as though Dave couldn’t escape show-biz…. Brad Pitt shared a house with Dave at MU and Sheryl Crow gave the guys singing lessons of the “Sigma Chi Sweetheart Song”!

Dave married his college sweetheart and their two kids are in college now. Their daughter is in Law School at Mizzou and their son plays baseball for SIU in Carbondale! (Lefty pitcher, Go Dawgs!) Once the kids left for college, the Fogels left the suburbs for Chicago downtown living!

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