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09.16.17 Art Van Furniture
09.15.16 Menards
09.10.17 Stevie Nicks
09.10.17 SEA Blue Us Too Walk
09.09.17 Floor & Decor
09.03.17 Lake Shore Harley

One Comment

  1. Bon says:

    Best show ever.

  2. Don From Chicago says:

    All I can say is…Wow!!! I’ve been a fan now for over 30 years, more or less discovering The Beatles and Paul’s music on the rebound. But in all that time, nothing Sir Paul ever does fails to impress me. He richly deserves every ounce of his nighthood he has been so justly given. This was the first time I had ever seen Paul live, and he certainly didn’t disappoint. Surprisingly, he did mostly Beatle tunes too, even adding a coda to I’ve Got A Feeling!!! GREAT!!! He sang lead on A Day In The Life, and cerainly did not do John wrong!!! John would have been so proud. He truly is a master showman and still the amazingly talented musician. He even had us in stitches a few times with his humor. I particularly loved his comment about the signs folks brought to the concert…(paraphrasing here)… ‘If I screw up the words, it’s because I’m reading the signs!….so it’s YOUR fault if I mess up the words’ 🙂 Keep rocking Paul!!!….you’re the best!!!…from just another fan you don’t know, who came to know you in some small way through your life and music!!!

    Peace and love 🙂

  3. Pam Becker says:

    Hey All!! I want to send a HUGE THANK YOU to Bo Reynolds for the awesome time at Beyond the Ivy! McCartney sounded great & the show was spectacular. Thanks to Bo & the whole KHITS team for a night of drink & song that my husband & I will never forget. I can now check seeing Sir Paul off of my bucket list! You guys (& girls) are great!!!!!!!!!!!
    All we need is love!!!
    Pamba Jamba

  4. bob conner says:

    I think iam going to cry…The one month where i pay for four trade shows and fix my harley for 1000$ is when i heard about paul coming…now that im back in the money hes to far away…so sad…Everyone who got to see the show is luckyier than they know…

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