Dave Fogel

Dave’s Bio

Dave is the son of former 60s radio deejay and Hollywood television actor Jerry Fogel. Being around celebrities was pretty common for Dave… even in high school! Superbowl MVP John Elway was his team quarterback and Valerie Bertinelli was in his algebra class!!! Read more »

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PHOTOS: The Third Time Wasn’t A Charm For These Movie Sequels!

Sometimes movie studios can’t leave well enough alone can they?

10 hours ago

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Is Congress Planning On Suing The President?

Another political showdown could soon be on the horizon in Washington DC?

11 hours ago

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The Glenview Titans Got To Take A Selfie With The Commander-In-Cheif!

How cool would it be to sit down to eat some BBQ and end up getting to take your picture with the President?

11 hours ago

Dave on WCL

#ThrowbackThursday Photo: You’ll Never Guess Where You’ll Find Dave Fogel’s Face!

If you’re ever eating at a restaurant and you look up and see a familiar face, that’s me!

12 hours ago

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Lollapalooza Starts Tomorrow In Grant Park! Are You Ready?

Over 300 thousand people are expected to come downtown this weekend for Lollapalooza, so expect traffic to be a mess!

13 hours ago

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Mayor Emanuel Wants To Raise Chicago’s Minimum Wage To $13 (But Not Till 2018)

How long before Chicago’s minimum wage is $13 an hour?

13 hours ago

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VIDEO: This Teary Eyed Little Girl Doesn’t Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up… EVER!

Check out this little girl balling her eyes when her Mom tells her that her baby brother will eventually grow up.

13 hours ago

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Could Water Tower Plaza Soon Be Jane Byrne Plaza?

The plaza near the city’s old Water Tower on Michigan Avenue may soon have a new name!


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Beatles Wednesday Video: ‘Imagine’ By John Lennon

When it comes to solo songs by John Lennon, “Imagine” is probably the first song you think of!


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Is A Six Hour Baseball Game Too Long, Even For The Most Die Hard Cubs Fan?

The Chicago Cubs beat the Colorado Rockies yesterday, but it took 16 innings and nearly six and a half hours of play to get it done!