Dave Fogel

Dave’s Bio

Dave is the son of former 60s radio deejay and Hollywood television actor Jerry Fogel. Being around celebrities was pretty common for Dave… even in high school! Superbowl MVP John Elway was his team quarterback and Valerie Bertinelli was in his algebra class!!! Read more »

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VIDEO: Can You Imagine “The Sound Of Music” As A Horror Film?

Check out this movie trailer for “The Sound of Music.” Someone took the time to re-edit scenes from the movie to make it seem more dark. The suspenseful music they put underneath helps a lot too!


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PHOTO: Naperville Cop Car Ends Up On Top Of Huge Rock In A Taco Bell Parking Lot

Officials are trying to figure out how a Naperville cop car ended up on top of a huge decorative rock in a Taco Bell parking lot the other day.


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Side By Side Comparison: Van Halen With Dave Vs. Van Halen With Sammy!

Here’s an age old debate, which version of Van Halen was better: the one fronted by David Lee Roth or by Sammy Hagar?


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Do Chicago Blackhawks Fans Have The Blues After Last Night’s Loss?

If you didn’t stay up last night triple overtime playoff game between the Chicago Blackhawks and The St. Louis Blues, I’ve got some bad news for you!


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Could Global Warming Be The Reason For An Increase In Beer Prices?

Well, now we really need to do something about global warming! it’s causing problems with the cost of beer!


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Would You Let Someone Hit A Golf Ball Out Of Your Mouth?

OK, here’s one for ya! Who wants to let me try this on them? I’m an 18 handicap if that matters.


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Are You As Sick Of These Phrases As We Are?

Is there a phrase that you’re just sick of hearing people say?


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Do You Live In One Of Illinois’ Best Small Cities?

Say Illinois to someone from out of state and they all immediately thinks of Chicago, but truth is, there’s a ton of great small cities all throughout this state!


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Sailboat Season Is Back In Chicago!

Have you ever gotten stuck because one of the bridges around the city were up?

It’s sailboat season, which means people are bringing their boats back to the docks on Lake Michigan.


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Your ComEd Bill Could Be $3 Higher Soon!

ComEd is looking at hiking rates another three bucks a month! They say it’s so they make upgrades to their system! Do you think this increase is justified?