Dave Fogel

Dave’s Bio

Dave is the son of former 60s radio deejay and Hollywood television actor Jerry Fogel. Being around celebrities was pretty common for Dave… even in high school! Superbowl MVP John Elway was his team quarterback and Valerie Bertinelli was in his algebra class!!! Read more »

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VIDEO: Here’s One Way To Wake Up Your Kid!

So, do you think this kid is going to grow up to be a drummer?

These parents woke up their sleeping child in the backseat of their car by playing a song by Nirvana!

11 mins ago

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PHOTOS: The Kids From “The Sandlot” Then & Now

Remember the movie ‘The Sandlot”?

28 mins ago

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VIDEO: The Greatest Red Light Camera Prank Ever!

It seems you can’t go anywhere in Chicago without encountering a red light camera or one of the ones that catches you speeding!

22 hours ago

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Here’s Proof That Kids Have Life Figured Out A Lot More Than Adults!

Life seems to get more confusing as you grow older, but is that because we ourselves make it more confusing?

23 hours ago

8.18 8.19 Air and Water Show 188

The Blue Angels Are Coming Back To This Year’s Chicago Air & Water Show!

They’ve been doing it for almost 56 years and now a familiar face will be returning to this year’s Chicago Air and Water Show along the lakefront.

23 hours ago

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How Will The Cubbies Celebrate Wrigley Field’s 100th Birthday Today?

Does the name Weegham Park mean anything to you?

It should! That’s what Wrigley Field was called when it opened a century ago on this very date!

24 hours ago

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What Did David Letterman Have To Say To His ‘Late Show’ Successor, Stephen Colbert, Last Night!

Stephen Colbert was on The Late Show with David Letterman last night. What did Dave have to say to Colbert about CBS picking him as the next host in that timeslot?

24 hours ago

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Will Cooler Heads Prevail In This Disagreement About AC In Chicago Public Schools?

Mayor Emanuel says he wants there to be air conditioning in all of the Chicago Public Schools.


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Chicago Could Be Home Of The Next Democratic National Convention!

Sure, there was some bad luck with the Democratic National Convention in the ’60′s, but it looks like Chicago could host another one in a couple of years!


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VIDEO: Just How Much Would All That Destruction In The “Die Hard” Movies Really Cost?

Ever wonder what the total would be on all the destruction in an action movie?