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Jeffrey Tyler Mason was born a “radio geek.” By age 15, he found a way to get paid for it, answering the request lines at WYCL in Reading, PA. “Jeffro” (as friends call him) went on to work in some of America’s finest holes in the road and eventually got the call to the majors at age 20… Read more »


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Chicago Restaurant Week: Complete List

I’m always amused that Chicago Restaurant Week lasts 14 days. Last I checked, that’s TWO weeks! Hey…who’s complaining? MORE FOOD FOR YOU!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/29/2015

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VIDEO: Turn Your Potholes Into Art!

Jim Bachor is an artist from Mayfair who has been turning potholes into mosaic art. The hole gets filled…and it looks real pretty!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/28/2015

(Photo credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images for Santa Barbara International Film Festival)

VIDEO: Jessica Lange Or David Bowie? YOU Decide!

I’ve never watched a single episode of American Horror Story: Freak Show. Though, after seeing Jessica Lange sing a cover of David Bowie’s “Heroes,” that may have been a grave error!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/26/2015

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Ernie Banks Memorial On Wednesday

It was rough to hear news Friday night of Ernie Banks’s passing. A world without Mr. Cub? He may be gone, but he’s definitely NOT forgotten. This Wednesday, the statue of Banks will be moved from Wrigley Field to Daley Plaza for a public memorial.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/25/2015

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“America’s Got Talent” Auditions In Chicago

Open auditions for “America’s Got Talent” will take place Saturday and Sunday at McCormick Place, but you can’t just walk in. You need to pre-register! Here’s how.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/22/2015

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VIDEO: NHL Players “Try” To Name The Beatles

NHL players were recently asked to name the members of the Beatles. I guess it’s just a generational thing, but they couldn’t do it!!! Actually, ONE player got all four. Patrick Kane came very close…alas, no cigar.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/21/2015

2400-series Preview Train in 1976 (Photo credit: CTA /

It’s 1976 All Over Again On The L!

If you’re taking the Brown, Green or Red lines of the L this Wednesday (1/21/15), you may feel as though you’re in a time warp. While the train is silver, it’s not a DeLorean. I promise you, Dr. Emmett Brown has nothing to do with this!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/20/2015

(Photo credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

VIDEO: Watch Ice Form In The Chicago River

With highs tomorrow in the low 40s, maybe some of the ice in the Chicago River will melt. Oh, you haven’t seen it yet? The chunks have been floating in from Lake Michigan and backing up the river!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/16/2015

(Photo credit: William Lovelace/Express/Getty Images)

Free Showings Of “Selma” For Students

This weekend, we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He would have been 86 this week. With three days off, there’s no better time to learn more about this man and his historic march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/16/2015

(Photo credit: Jeffrey T Mason/WJMK)

Billy Joel’s Coming Back To Chicago!

August 27, 2015 will mark Billy’s FOURTH show at Clark and Addison. According to Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts, that sets a new record!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–01/15/2015


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