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Jeffrey Tyler Mason was born a “radio geek.” By age 15, he found a way to get paid for it, answering the request lines at WYCL in Reading, PA. “Jeffro” (as friends call him) went on to work in some of America’s finest holes in the road and eventually got the call to the majors at age 20… Read more »


(Photo by Kevin Moloney/Getty Images)

PHOTO: Amazing Blackhawks Corn Maze Is Open!

There’s a good chance the people who run Richardson Adventure Farm just might be Blackhawks fans. What was our first clue? Their corn maze for this year!

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Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer dancing on Billy Joel's piano at Wrigley Field Chicago on August 27th, 2015. (Photo credit: Jeffrey T Mason/WJMK)

VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence & Amy Schumer Dance On Billy Joel’s Piano

Last night’s Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field was beyond exciting – for a number of reasons:

1) It’s Billy Freakin’ Joel!
2) I got to stand on the grass at the friendly confines for the very first time!
3) Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer showed up and danced on top of Billy’s piano!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–08/28/2015

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VIDEO: Cubs Recreate ‘Perfect Strangers’ Opening Credits

The San Francisco Giants got the ball rolling when they did a custom version of the “Full House” opening credits. Now, the latest craze has hit Chicago! The Cubs now star in a parody of “Perfect Strangers,” thanks to a Northsider named Joe Lee.

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Actors Vanessa Anne Hudgens, Zac Efron, Monique Coleman and Ashley Tisdale attend a photo call for "High School Musical".  (Photo by Patrick Riviere/Getty Images)

Students At McHenry East And West Protest ‘Sexist’ Dress Code

Students are up in arms. According to the school, that’s fine…as long as those arms are covered! The dress code states that they can only wears shirts and dresses with sleeves.

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50th Anniversary VIDEO: Beatles At Comiskey!

50 years ago today, the Beatles performed at Comiskey! Not once, but TWICE…on the same day. I’d say that’s a date you would NEVER forget. Here’s video of that momentous day.

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Top 10 Dog Names In Chicago

National Dog Day is next Wednesday, August 26th. So, here are the top 10 dog names in Chicago. I hope you’re not expecting Rover, Spot or Fido. Those days are OVER…Rover!

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National Night Out In Chicagoland

This is National Night Out! It’s all about “safety in the streets.” People around America are asked to leave their porch lights on tonight, step outside their four walls and help build community. There are a whole bunch of events across Chicagoland in conjunction with local police departments. Will you take part?

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Michael Jordan (Photo Credit: Brian Drake/NBAE via Getty Images) / Jimmy Butler (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

VIDEO: Jimmy Butler VS Michael Jordan

#21 and #23 went up against each other over the weekend at the Michael Jordan Flight School in Santa Barbara. Who scored more free throws? There’s only one way to find out…

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“Pac-Man Fever”…The 2015 Remake

In 1982, Buckner & Garcia released an album called “Pac Man Fever.” It was filled with songs all about video games. These guys were clearly addicted! Then again, weren’t we all? I remember playing Frogger for about 12 hours straight on Christmas Day, 1982. (That’s when I got my Atari 2600.)

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FREE Movies Coming To Navy Pier!

Movies on the Pier will feature a solid lineup of FREE films to be shown at the Pepsi Skyline Stage every Thursday night from August 6th through September 10th. You don’t even need a ticket. Plus, the first 100 guests each week will receive a gift!

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