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Jeffrey Tyler Mason was born a “radio geek.” By age 15, he found a way to get paid for it, answering the request lines at WYCL in Reading, PA. “Jeffro” (as friends call him) went on to work in some of America’s finest holes in the road and eventually got the call to the majors at age 20… Read more »


(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Cubs/Pirates Game WON’T Be Shown At Wrigley, Here’s Why…

Yesterday, I mentioned the Cubbies/Pirates Wild Card game next Wednesday COULD be shown at Wrigley Field… even if it’s played in Pittsburgh.


Photo credit: James Peterson / Online USA, Inc

VIDEO: Beatles Donate Song To PETA

Companies pay big bucks to use Beatles songs in their commercials, but the Fab 4 just gave away one of their biggest hits! Makes sense, too. Sir Paul McCartney has been an animal rights activist for 30+ years!

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–09/30/2015

Sophia Bush appears in advance of a panel discussion at the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago, IL.  (Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

‘Chicago PD’ Might Be Filming In Your Neighborhood As We Speak!

Though it doesn’t premier until tomorrow, you can get a peek at Chicago PD today… Cause it’s filming in Chicago!


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Chicago Has Two Of The Best Burritos In America!

Two of the best burritos in America are right here in Chicago — have you had them?


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Cheap Java On National Coffee Day!

Tomorrow (9/29/2015) is National Coffee Day…or, as you’ll see plastered all over social media, #NationalCoffeeDay! If you can’t survive without those constant containers of caffeine, here are some places to take advantage of deals.

104.3 K-Hits Chicago–09/28/2015

A supermoon is seen on September 9, 2014 from the central French city of Luynes. (Photo credit  GUILLAUME SOUVANT/AFP/Getty Images)

This Weekend’s Supermoon/Eclipse Combo Is Pretty Rare

There’s a SUPERmoon this Sunday night, but if you look up, you won’t see a blue cape with a big S.


The Chicago Cubs celebrate with Jake Arrieta #49 on his 20th win of the season. (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)

Forget The Bears, Let’s Talk About A Good Sports Team: The Cubs!

Jake Arrieta has reached an impressive milestone! Go Cubbies!


A regular ol' sunset in Chicago... (Photo Credit: JEFF HAYNES/AFP/Getty Images)

Get Your Cameras Ready For ‘Chicagohenge’ (Here’s What It Is)

Chicagohenge only happens during the spring and fall equinoxes… and fall began this morning!


Jay Cutler leaves the field with an apparent hamstring injury. (Jon Durr/Getty Images)

This Is How Long Jay Cutler Will Be Out Due To His Hamstring Injry

Jimmy Clausen will be starting while Jay heals up.


(Photo Credit: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)

Boozy Taco Bell Finally Opens In Wicker Park

You can finally take a selfie with one of Taco Bell’s “Twisted Freezes”!