17 Albums And 38 Hit Songs Later, He Starts His Solo Career!Happy birthday to a legendary Chicago performer!
A Memorial Day Weekend MonsterNot many instrumentals become #1 hits, but this one did.
No Static At AllThe big stars in this film were rock stars, not movie stars.
Gospel Meets Rock And Roll On Good FridayTwo years earlier, The Byrds had covered the song with little success.
Here's Why Chicago's Carnegie Hall Concerts Were So HistoricSo... How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
Forgotten Favorites Friday Remembers BTO's Blue Collar RootsUnlike many rock & roll bands, BTO wasn't into drugs, or wrecking hotel rooms.
Throwback Thursday Video: 'When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman' By Dr. HookThe name of this song is already a mouthful, but so was the name of this group before they shortened it.
Think Your Computer Is Old? Check Out The Dinosaurs The Feds Are Using!Did you know that the federal government spends most of it's I-T budget on maintenance on some really old computers.
TV Theme Friday: 'Sanford & Son' By Quincy JonesWhen you listening to the theme to "Sanford and Son", it just sounds like the 70's doesn't it?
TV Theme Friday: 'What's Happening' By Henry ManciniDid you know that the same person who wrote the "Peter Gunn" theme was also responsible for the theme to "What's Happening" as well?
Love The '70s? Then Buy This Condo, Unchanged Since 1972!How does it STILL look so good?
WATCH: 1977 Tourism Video Will Restore Your Faith In Chicago -- I Dare You To Disagree"Chicago is all yours to discover, to explore -- it's whatever you want it to be. A quiet giant ablaze in light and color."

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