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What Kind Of Approval Rating Would You Give The CTA?

The majority of CTA users still approve of the CTA, but the numbers are down from a  couple of years ago.


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Chicago Spent 30 Million Bucks On Snow Removal This Winter, Not Including Today!

Remember the blizzard we got the day of the Super Bowl?


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This Might Have You Looking Up As You Walk Downtown!

You never expect for there to be falling glass from one of the buildings above you while walking down the street!


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Should The Government Regulate The Internet?

Is the internet a public utility?


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Check Out What A Woman At Midway Airport Thought She Could Leave In Her Carry On!

There’s certain things that the TSA frowns upon you leaving in your carry-on.


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Chicago Bear Tim Jennings Busted & Charged With DUI!

Chicago Bears’ corner back Tim Jennings is in a little bit of trouble in Georgia.


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Just How Low Will Gas Prices Get?

The price of gas has been dropping steadily for the past several weeks and industry analysts expect it to go even lower.


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While This Winter Be Better Or Worse Than Last Year?

Forecasters say that it’ll be just as cold this coming winter as it was last year


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The Walls Have Come Tumblin’ Down At Wrigley Field!

Construction crews have knocked the the outer left and right field walls at Wrigley Field.