Judge Reinhold Arrested After Arguing With TSA; Blames Meds In ApologyReinhold has described the last 48 hours as "unusual, hair-raising and regrettable..."
Jennifer Lien, Actress From 'Star Trek: Voyager,' Arrested For Indecent ExposureA neighbor of Lien's called the police after Lien allegedly started to disrobe in front of Smith's children.
Only 3 People Were Arrested For Weed at the Grateful Dead's 'Fare Thee Well' Shows in ChicagoHard to believe, but it really is the official number from the Chicago Police Department.
Sheriff's Office Captures The Grinch (Yes, This Is Real... Kind Of)Rest easy, reader, the biggest threat to the Christmas presents you bought this year is off the streets! Yes, this is a real live press release from an actual Sheriff's office...
Alec Baldwin Arrested... For Riding His Bike?Alec Baldwin was arrested this morning for allegedly riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue.
VIDEO: Worst Person Alive Kicks Stray Cat, Gets Tracked Down By Facebook And ArrestedWARNING: Do not watch this video if you have high blood pressure, a heart condition, or can't stand to see a disgusting human being abuse an innocent animal. At least police were able to track him down...
Paul Simon, Wife Arrested For Disorderly ConductPaul Simon and his wife were arrested on disorderly conduct charges in Connecticut over the weekend.
Woman Who Abandoned Alligator At O’Hare Charged With Animal CrueltyIt took over two months, but they finally found the woman in question, and authorities have charged her with animal cruelty, for abandoning the reptile at the airport.
That's Not How You Share: 2 Arrested At Chuck E. CheeseTwo people were arrested after a large brawl at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Lincoln Park yesterday. At least 30 people were involved!
'Sandlot' Star Drunkenly Headbutts Cop, Gets ArrestedTom Guiry, who played the main character, "Smalls" (As in, "YOU'RE KILLIN' ME, SMALLS!") in 1993's <em>The Sandlot</em>, has been arrested after drunkenly head-butting a police officer.
There Really Is A Way To Wash Out That Gray!If you have gray hair, this is one K-Hits Newscast you'll want to hear!  Scientists say they've come up with a shampoo that replaces the enzymes in your hair.  The lack of this particular enzyme is what makes your hair lose its color.
Daughter Of Jon Bon Jovi Hospitalized After Heroin Overdose

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