Texas City Council Wages War Against Shelter Cat, 'Fires' Beloved Library Kitty"The council just went out and did this on their own because they don’t like cats," said Mayor White.
Cat Spa Popping Up In Chicago – One Day Only!Caticures, temporary cattoos, meowsages, and actual cat adoptions from the Critical Animal Relief Foundation!
Why Cats Knock Things Off Tables And Shelves, ExplainedTo be fair, if cats didn't do this, we'd miss out on a lot of hilarious YouTube videos...
K-Hits Cares! Bring Your Animals Inside When It’s Cold!When it’s cold, bring your cat or dog inside!
VIDEO: Cat Tortures Dog, Won't Let Go Of His LeashCats are the worst.
PHOTOS: Meet Hei Hudie; She Was Saved By Doctors After Falling 10 FloorsThanks to some good samaritans and talented doctors, Hei Hudie now gets around better than ever!
Best Cat Video Ever: Window Washer Messes With CatWhen a window wash spots a cat on the other side of the glass, he decides to play with him in hysterical ways!
Study: Cat Videos Improve Mental Health (Duh!)A self-proclaimed dog lover launched an online survey to find out what makes cat-lovers tick and, with the help of Lil Bub, got over 7,000 replies...
VIDEO: Man And Cat Team-Up To Capture BatBat caught in your living room? Give this cat a call...
VIDEO: Dolphin And Cat -- Best Friends ForeverWe all knew dolphins are friendly -- or so the movies tell us. Cats? Less so, but we put up with them. This is the first time I've ever seen the two in one place.
VIDEO: Here's Proof That Your Cat Doesn't Care About Your Stuff!Do cats do things just to be spiteful?
Who's Right About The Cubs Winning The World Series? Back To The Future 2 Or Parks & Rec?Will the Cubs win the World Series this year like was predicted in the movie "Back To The Future 2" or is the show "Parks and Recreation" right?

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