Why Cats Knock Things Off Tables And Shelves, ExplainedTo be fair, if cats didn't do this, we'd miss out on a lot of hilarious YouTube videos...
K-Hits Cares! Bring Your Animals Inside When It’s Cold!When it’s cold, bring your cat or dog inside!
VIDEO: Cat Tortures Dog, Won't Let Go Of His LeashCats are the worst.
PHOTOS: Meet Hei Hudie; She Was Saved By Doctors After Falling 10 FloorsThanks to some good samaritans and talented doctors, Hei Hudie now gets around better than ever!
Best Cat Video Ever: Window Washer Messes With CatWhen a window wash spots a cat on the other side of the glass, he decides to play with him in hysterical ways!
Study: Cat Videos Improve Mental Health (Duh!)A self-proclaimed dog lover launched an online survey to find out what makes cat-lovers tick and, with the help of Lil Bub, got over 7,000 replies...
VIDEO: Man And Cat Team-Up To Capture BatBat caught in your living room? Give this cat a call...
VIDEO: Dolphin And Cat -- Best Friends ForeverWe all knew dolphins are friendly -- or so the movies tell us. Cats? Less so, but we put up with them. This is the first time I've ever seen the two in one place.
VIDEO: Here's Proof That Your Cat Doesn't Care About Your Stuff!Do cats do things just to be spiteful?
Who's Right About The Cubs Winning The World Series? Back To The Future 2 Or Parks & Rec?Will the Cubs win the World Series this year like was predicted in the movie "Back To The Future 2" or is the show "Parks and Recreation" right?
Watch A Cat Find The Best Bed Ever: A Siberian HuskyWatch a cute cat curl up on top of the warmest place it could find: a sad, Siberian husky.
VIDEO: Monkey Won't Leave Sleeping Cat AloneCan't believe this cat is putting up with all this!

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