There's A Skunk Problem In Vernon Hills!There's a major problem with skunks in Vernon Hills right now.
VIDEO: The Cubs Albert Almora Junior's Amazing Catch Robs The Cardinals Of A Home Run!If you get up early in the morning like I do and missed the end of the Cubs' game, you missed a pretty spectacular catch by Albert Almora Junior!
Bears' Josh Bellamy On Playing In The Cold, Bears Loss Against PackersJust being outside on Sunday was painful, but can you imagine trying to catch a football in that weather?
VIDEO: Behold! The Dog That Can Fetch You Beer From The Fridge...We've all been there on Sunday night football: in front of the television, eyes glued to the screen, unable to get up and grab a beer.
There's A Catch To McDonald's Upcoming All-Day Breakfast PlansI knew it was too good to be true! Mickey D’s 24/7 breakfast WON’T be the entire breakfast menu.
VIDEO: Check Out Anthony Rizzo's Amazing Catch Of A Foul Ball Last Night!This was pretty amazing.
VIDEO: Not Your Traditional Daddy/Daughter Wedding Dance! (Awwww...)So what do you do when your daughter, who's been a tomboy all her life, finally gets married and you have to do the Daddy/Daughter dance?
VIDEO: Man And Cat Team-Up To Capture BatBat caught in your living room? Give this cat a call...
Which Fish Is Much Smarter Than You Think?Trout (yes, the fish) are a lot smarter than you think.
VIDEO: Watch This White Sox Fan's Quick Catch, Which May Have Saved A Baby!I wish that some of the players on the field were this good!
VIDEO: Dad Catches His Son's First Pro Baseball Home Run!Ever head west on I-80 and go to a River Bandits minor league baseball game in the Quad Cities?

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