How 'Bout That Jeremy Langford? Bears Beat Rams, 37-13!Jeremy Langford now has the most receiving yards for ANY rookie in Bears history!
TV Theme Friday: 'Come On Get Happy' (The Partridge Family Theme Song)If you're were at home on a Friday night in the early 70's watching TV, then you were probably watching "The Partridge Family" on Channel 7.
New 'Star Trek' Series Coming To CBS In 2017The next chapter of the legendary “Star Trek” TV franchise will premiere on CBS, then move to CBS All Access Digital Subscription Service.
Last Month Was One Of The Warmest Septembers EVER In IllinoisAnd things are going to heat up again!
TV Theme Friday: 'Movin' On Up' (The Jefferson's Song)Anytime you hear the theme song to "The Jeffersons", it's almost impossible to not sing along.
So Mayor Emanuel's Proposed Half A Billion Dollar Property Tax Increase Isn't Enough?Mayor Emanuel has been proposing a half a billion dollar property tax increase to help solve the city's budget problems.
TV Theme Friday: 'The Incredible Hulk'Even though this isn't one of those TV themes that you can sing along to, if you're a child of the 70s or 80's, you probably know all the words to this one.
TV Theme Friday: 'WKRP In Cincinnati' By Steve Carlisle"WKRP in Cincinnati" is one of those shows that has a theme song that everyone instantly knows.
What's Mayor Emanuel Have To Say About The Cat Napping Chicago Cop?There's a video of what appears to be a Chicago cop catching a little shut eye while sitting in his squad car that's gone viral.
Why Did David Letterman Call It Quits? Here's The Joke He Told Last Night!After 33 years, it was over and out for David Letterman as a late night talk show host!
VIDEO: Goodbye, David Letterman :-(I'm not the only one who's teary-eyed about his retirement. Pretty much EVERYONE in late night television has been influenced by Dave. You can tell by their heartfelt tributes...
The Biggest Product Recall In History Is About To Happen, Does It Affect You?Over 34 million airbags are being recalled, making it the biggest recall in American history.
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