VIDEO: A 3-Way $1 Big Wheel Tie On TPIR?!?That doesn't even sound possible, does it? Think about the excitement level when just one person wins $1000.
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert Sells Hot Dogs At Wrigley FieldI guess Stephen Colbert isn't making as much hosting The Late Show as we all thought. He's taken a second job!
'If You Have Sex With A Robot, Is It Cheating?' Neil deGrasse Tyson Answers Andy Samberg's Science QuestionsAnd Samberg was allowed to ask Neil deGrasse Tyson three questions.
TV Theme Friday: 'Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!'"Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you? We've got some work to do now..."
TV Theme Friday: 'Leave It To Beaver'There's not a single word in the opening theme song of "Leave It To Beaver", but it's instantly recognizable!
TV Theme Friday: 'Muppet Babies'The don't make Saturday Morning Cartoons like they used to, do they?
TV Theme Friday: 'The Jetsons'There's something about the theme songs of those 1960's Hanna-Barbera cartoons that make them impossible to forget.
TV Theme Friday: 'Good Times'This week's pick for TV Theme Friday is "Dy-no-mite!"
TV Theme Friday: 'Alice"I read that actress Beth Howland, who played Vera on the "Alice" TV show recently passed away, so it seemed like a perfect day to play this.
David Letterman: One Year LaterIt's been exactly one year since David Letterman retired from television. Watch his final Late Show all over again!
VIDEO: Colbert Wastes Money On A Bunch Of Unused PropsCorn-man suit, giant action figure packages, adult tricycle...
Donald Trump Says He Wasn't Bragging At Last Night's GOP DebateIt's hard to believe that anything Donald Trump says isn't braggadocios, but that's the statement he made during last night's debate.

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