Chicago Karaoke Tips

Sidekick's (Photo Credit: Mason Johnson)

Chicago Karaoke Tips: Dance… Or Else

Even some good singers will screw up their performance by standing still as a statue (but not one a those hot nude statues people label as “art” — like a scary gargoyle statue). Great, you sing well, but who cares? A drunk, chatty karaoke audience will happily ignore you, good voice or not, if you’re not animated enough.


Audience at Karaoke Idol! Chicago at Beauty Bar. (Credit: Mason Johnson)

Chicago Karaoke Tips: Know Your Audience… They Might Be Bigots

Now I get it. People want to sleep with each other. But if you took the hand of the person next to you into your own and watched me belt out Stevie Wonder, you’d have a much higher chance of getting some than if you, you know, talked to them.


Alice's Lounge (Photo Credit: Mason Johnson)

Chicago Karaoke Tips: Beware Of Instrumentals

Karaoke is serious business. For some, it’s just a bit of fun when they’re out with friends. For others, it’s the closest they’ll get to becoming Mick Jagger or Janis Joplin. Whether you’re a serious karaoke pro or just casually participate when dragged out by friends, karaoke deserves your respect as one of the greatest pastimes in existence. Below is a karaoke tip. I suggest you take it to heart.