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Why Were Some Chicagoans Ticketed For Parking Legally?

A whole bunch of people who used a smartphone app to pay for their parking say they’ve received tickets.


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Could We Soon See A $13 Minimum Wage In Chicago?

How much will Chicago’s minimum wage end up being?


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How Can Chicago Crime Be Up AND Down?

Here’s one of those stats that leaves you scratching your head.


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Bought Something On Craig’s List? The East Chicago PD Wants To Help You Get It!

Ever bought something on Craig’s List, but you’re afraid the seller might be a little shady?


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You’ve Been Warned! Cops Will Be Looking For Drunk Drivers In Lakeview This Weekend!

If it discourages just one person from drinking and driving, that’s great!


Chicago Auctions City Relics On eBay

Want To Pay For Your Street Parking? There’s An App For That!

Come Springtime (well, that is if Spring ever get’s here) the City of Chicago is planning on testing out an app that will allow you to pay for your parking on your smartphone!


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Does The Chicago City Council Have A Plastic Bag Ban “In The Bag?”

Pretty soon you might not have a choice between paper and plastic. Some Chicago City Council members want to ban the use of plastic bags in the city limits. What’s their reasoning behind all this?


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These Theives Have Got It In The Bag!

If you see someone with a whole bunch of purses from Bloomingdales, you might want to call cops and tell ‘em.


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Looks Like This Winter Won’t Leave Us With Much Of A Spring!

We’re all looking forward to Spring, but check out the reasons why we probably won’t have much of one this year! You can blame it on this harsh winter and the reasons why are in this newscast!


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Will Chicago Police Soon be Able To Predict Who Will Commit A Crime?

This sounds like something out of a Tom Cruise movie, but it’s true! Word is Chicago Police are working on a computer program that would predict who would be most likely to commit a crime based on the data they enter into the computer! Sound crazy right?