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Chicago Traffic Is Some Of The Worst In The Nation!

If you drive to work every morning, you know this is true.


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57 Thousand Rubber Duckies Went Floating Down The Chicago River Yesterday!

Bert of Bert and Ernie once sang “Rubber Duckie You’re The One…”


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Could ‘Curb Service’ Be The Next Big Thing For Chicago Restaurants?

If you went out for dinner, would you want to eat in the street?


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The Official Attendance Numbers Are In For This Year’s Taste Of Chicago!

Nearly 1.4 million people made the trek to the Taste of Chicago this past weekend.


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What Will Chicago Public Schools Do About Teacher’s Pensions Now?

Mayor Emanuel had hoped to push back next week’s 600 million dollar payment towards teacher’s pensions until August, but it looks like that won’t be happening.


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One Of The Best Restaurants In The World Is Here In Chicago!

Alinea on North Halsted Street in Chicago has been named one of the best restaurants in the world.


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Who’s The Latest Politician To Throw Their Hat In The Presidential Ring?

Freshman Senator Marco Rubio wants his shot at the GOP nomination for the White House.



You NCAA Brackets Probably Weren’t As Good As This Lake Zurich 12-Year-Old’s!

A 12 year old from Lake Zurich had a near perfect March Madness bracket in ESPN’s bracket challenge.


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Want To Buy An Airplane? The State Has A Bunch For Sale!

The state of Illinois is trying to sell off five airplanes they own, but it doesn’t seem to be going all that well.


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How Much Did Art Van Furniture Refund For Their Let It Snow Promotion?

Remember the 19 inches of snow we got on Super Bowl Sunday?