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A Half Court Shot Scored A Lyons Township High Schooler A New Ford Escape!

Could you make a half court shoot, especially if there was a new car on the line?


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Have You Checked Out The CTA’s New Green Line Station At McCormick Place?

Sure, it was suppose to be done last year, but the new Cermack-McCormick Place Station is now open.


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This Fact Probably Has The Chicago Cubs A Little Bleacher Bummed!

Thanks to some construction delays, it looks like the left field bleachers at Wrigley Field won’t be ready in time for opening day.


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A Chicago Police Officer Saved A Man Who Jumped In Lake Michigan Yesterday!

My brother is a cop, so I love stories like this.


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Ever Wonder What The “Home Alone” House In Winnetka Looks Like Now?

The Realtor who sold the Winnetka home where the movie “Home Alone” was filmed has released some pics of the inside.


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Chicago’s Setting Records For The Least Sun In December, But The Least Snow As Well!

Sure, it’s been extra gloomy and cloudy around here all month long, but at least we haven’t had that much snow right?


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Jay Cutler Will Be Back As Chicago Bears Starting QB On Sunday!

QB Jimmy Clausen started for the Chicago Bears last week, but he won’t be doing the same again this coming Sunday.


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Think Chicago Weather Stinks? Check Out How Much Snow Buffalo, NY Has!

Sure, it’s colder than normal around here, but he happy you don’t live in Buffalo, New York.


(Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)

This Marshall High School Coach Has 1,000 Wins!

Sure, it took 40 years, but Marshall High School Coach Dorothy Gaters just racked up her 100oth win!


(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

The CTA Is Coming After People That Are Cheating The System!

The CTA says it’s been confiscating the cards of people who have been abusing the free ride/discounted rate system they use.




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