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VIDEO: The Ultimate Chicago Time-Lapse Video

With all these Chicago locales, this time-lapse video definitely captures everything the city has to offer. How many spots can you identify?

16 hours ago

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Is Congress Planning On Suing The President?

Another political showdown could soon be on the horizon in Washington DC?


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Mayor Emanuel Wants To Raise Chicago’s Minimum Wage To $13 (But Not Till 2018)

How long before Chicago’s minimum wage is $13 an hour?


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Could Water Tower Plaza Soon Be Jane Byrne Plaza?

The plaza near the city’s old Water Tower on Michigan Avenue may soon have a new name!


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Is A Six Hour Baseball Game Too Long, Even For The Most Die Hard Cubs Fan?

The Chicago Cubs beat the Colorado Rockies yesterday, but it took 16 innings and nearly six and a half hours of play to get it done!


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Google Wants Your DNA!

Google is looking to collect DNA and molecular information from thousands of Americans.


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Here’s 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About ‘The Breakfast Club’

“The Breakfast Club” is a pretty iconic 1980s movie.


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Check Out How One Organization Is Helping Chicago’s Homeless Get “Back On My Feet”

I like this idea! Help people help themselves!


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You Couldn’t Tell Here In Chicago, But Last Month Was The Hottest June Ever!

The average temperature around the world last month was the hottest it’s ever been!


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Woody Allen Made A Rare Appearance In Chicago This Weekend!

Getting Woody Allen out on the red carpet is hard enough, but getting him out on one in Chicago is nearly impossible!