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Mayor Emanuel Declares ‘David Bowie Day’ In Chicago

We have a new favorite holiday…

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Best Pizza In Chicago

Chicago may be known as the home of deep dish pizza, but that’s not the only kind of pizza pies you’ll find in this town. Chefs from north to south have added their own special touches to the traditional dish. Whether you prefer wacky toppings, or simply good, fresh ingredients, you’ll find a place to go in the Windy City. Here are just five of the top spots.

16 hours ago

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Nick Wallenda Plans On Walking The Tightrope Across The Chicago River!

Nik Walenda plans on walking a tightrope across the Chicago River on November 2nd

19 hours ago

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Want To Visit The #1 Museum In The World? It’s Right Here In Chicago!

The Art Institute of Chicago isn’t just the best museum in the country, it’s the best in the world!

20 hours ago

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Lawsuits Aren’t Going To Stop The Cubs Renovation Of Wrigley Field!

Never mind the fact that there are lawsuits pending, The Chicago Cubs have filed for permits to start working on Wrigley Field.

20 hours ago

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Beatles Wednesday Video: ‘Twist & Shout’

“Twist and Shout” was a huge hit for the Beatles, but did you know that they weren’t the first ones to do it?

21 hours ago

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How Well Did Chicago Kids Do In Rahm’s Readers Summer Learning Challenge?

2.7 million books is a whole lot of books!


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Cuz It’s A Monday Video: ‘Monday’ By Wilco

It’s a Monday, so we decided to give a Chicago based band a little love!


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Should Chicago Public School Start Later So Kids Can Get More Sleep?

Some alderman want the Chicago City Council to hold hearings on whether or not school should start later so kids can get more sleep.


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If You Have Trouble Getting A Cab Downtown Today, Here’s Why!

Chicago’s cab driver are staging a work slowdown today in their campaign to get higher wages.




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