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Check Out This Chicago Woman’s Defense Against $9,000 In Tickets!

A woman is fighting City Hall and the State over $9K in tickets she says she never received!


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CBS “Late Late Show” Host Craig Ferguson Is Calling It Quits!

Yesterday,”Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson announced he wasn’t going to do the show anymore.


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Do You Agree That College Football Players Should Be Able To Form A Union?

National Labor Relations Board says that football players at Northwestern University should be able to unionize!


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Here’s Proof That Our Universe Is Really Big!

Scientests think that when The Big Bang happened it was so big it did something to our universe!  Just what that is and what we can do about it is discussed in this newscast! Don’t […]


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Got A Good Idea? The City Of Chicago Wants It!

Did you know the City of Chicago has a Department of Inovation and Technology?  Well, they’re looking for your ideas on how the city can deliver it’s services better!  We’ve got the full dtails in […]


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The Cubs Are Adding More Parking, But It’s Nowhere Close To Wrigley Field!

Parking around Wrigley Field can really stink, so the Cubs are adding another 1,000 parking spots, but there’s a catch.  It’s several miles away from the ballpark!  Take a listen to just how far it […]


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Blago’s Finally Received Some Good News!

Former Illinois Governor (and current prison inmate) Rod Blagojevich got some good news from a judge recently. No, he isn’t being released, but this is something he’s asked for…


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Have You Ever Had To Call 9-1-1 On Your House Cat?

Maybe they were afraid of cat scratch fever or something. An Oregon couple, their baby and even their dog say they were trapped in a bedroom because their cat wouldn’t let them leave! Don’t believe us? We even have audio of the 911 call to prove it!


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Here’s Why You Never Want To Take A Tiger Into A Bar In Lockport!

Even if you have a license to have and exhibit a tiger, it’s probably still a bad idea to take one into a bar.


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The Pothole Strike Force Is Coming To A Street Near You!

Mayor Emanuel says he’s formed an elite group that has one mission… to fill potholes! He says this winter has left the city’s streets pretty battered and bruised and this needs to be done! Just where will they start and how often will they be working…