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Do You Trust That The Media Is Telling You The Truth?

When you hear the news, do you think that it’s being reported without any bias to it?


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The Budget Battle Continues In Springfield!

Governor Rauner vetoed most of the state budget that the legislature just brought to him.


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We Can Blame Canada For Yesterday’s Funny Looking Sunrise!

Here’s what caused yesterday’s sun to look a little different!


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Should The Blackhawks Shave Their Playoff Beards?

The head of NBC Sports says that hockey players should lose the playoff beards, but his reason is pretty stupid when you stop and think about it for more than second.


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Is Donald Trump Running For President?

We do these guys always wait to announce these things?


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What is First Lady Michelle Obama Doing In Town Today?

The FLOTUS is going to be in Chicago this afternoon, but it won’t be for anything political.


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No Matter What Social Media Says, Queen Elizabeth IS NOT Dead!

British social media blew up yesterday with reports that Queen Elizabeth had died.


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This Will Make You Feel Real Safe The Next Time You Travel!

So the Feds decided to do an internal investigation and see what they could get past TSA screeners.


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Look Out For The Flying Spiders If You’re Staying At A Downtown High Rise!

If you hate spiders, DO NOT read this story!


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Hall & Oates Aren’t Cool With ‘Haulin Oats’

Daryl Hall and John Oates aren’t happy about this granola’s name!